4BallroomDance Co-op: “Sow the Seeds” Schools/Community Nurture Program

4BallroomDance Co-op is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the ongoing inclusive regeneration of the many facets of Ballroom dance and all of its ancillaries.
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Whilst to some, dance may not seem a very powerful pastime, you can be assured it provides a
vast range of benefits that most participants are usually unaware of. The beauty of this form of dance is it accommodates all ages, abilities and resources. It provides a holistic avenue that incorporates all areas of the mind and body – extending cognition, physical, health and social skills.
Ballroom dance forms may be enjoyed by those looking for gentle exercise, those looking for
serious athletic challenges and every avenue in between. 4Ballroom Co-op also provides an avenue for musicianship to flourish as it requires a particular type of music. With our licensing options, 4Ballroom is ensuring the musicians choosing to engage in this genre will earn an income encouraging Australian input in the genres longevity.
4Ballroom provides a wide range of support across the spectrum with a focus on youth inclusion
such as our “Sow the Seeds” nurture program. (Please note – These Rounds CLOSE off on the last day of each month.)

Schools/Community Nurture Program
Applications are open to the next “4 Ballroom Dance co-op” round.
The program is open to schools or community organisations and incorporate a range of inclusive activities that encompass “The Arts” and “General Capabilities.”
The programs design ensures an inclusive whole-of-school approach which culminates in a Major fundraiser in Term 4.
Acceptance into the program includes flexible collaboration to ensure the best outcome for all participants regardless of special needs or extreme capabilities.
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