Sharon Joyce to put Renewable Energy front and centre

Renewable Energy Party Senate Candidate Sharon Joyce says Renewable Energy and Climate Change are the key issues in the 2016 federal election, and suggests that more parties should be talking about these crucial issues.
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“Science has irrefutably proven that we are within the critical decade of addressing climate change if we are to have any hope of provisioning a prosperous and livable future for the future generations. It is unjust for wealthy nations, such as Australia, whom have grown wealthy through a fossil-fueled development to pass the enormous environmental and climatic costs of this on to those who have had no role in, nor benefit from, this wealth generation. As many poorer nations are already reeling under the effects of climate change, it is our moral duty to end our emissions and to offer support in global mitigation and adaptation, as well as within our own boundaries” said Sharon.


Sharon Joyce has a background in climate change research, and has contributed to key Tasmanian state government energy papers, along with climate change futures projects with the University of Tasmania.


“Tasmania’s climate change futures are that of increased dry conditions, thus impacting on our ability to maintain our current system of energy production. Whilst being a clean renewable energy source, we must diversify our energy production to include resources other than hydro electricity, such as wind, tidal and solar” said Sharon.


Sharon says that “social science research focussing on the role of communities in climate change mitigation and adaptation, often reveals how critical women are in securing meaningful and relevant change. From their role of educating the next generation, to instigating domestic change within homes or in small scale cooperatives, women are significantly the agents for change pushing the global action on addressing climate change.”


Reflecting on her home state, Sharon says “Tasmania is an inspirational island setting and well suited to be a global leader on renewable energy initiatives. With an already long established emphasis on community, Tasmania could easily adapt into community-run, localised energy production and storage systems, leading the world as a large-scale model of community-owned clean power. From previous projects I have undertaken with Tasmanian communities I am convinced that the enormous wealth of local knowledge, expertise, resilience and community spirit found within us Tasmanians will see us develop really exciting renewable futures together.”


Sharon Joyce will be running alongside Rob Manson as the Tasmanian Renewable Energy Party Senate Candidates for the 2016 federal election.

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