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  • Jean Harley Was Here
    Loss readjustment: the after-effects of love snatched too soon. How we remember, how we grieve, how we go on loving when death appear suddenly to grab a loved one. Jean Harley Was Here but now she no longer is. The story is in the connections between those she left and ripples that spill from the body on the road.
  • A mosaic of affecting
    'I often wish that I could take out the part of me that holds affection for others, not remove it, but present it in tangible presence to the target.' Nic Addenbrooke
  • A Boy's Manifesto for Brutal Disrespect of Self
    From the age of seven when he and his mates form a gang and start smoking 'the green weed that all the bikies like to smoke', Brentley Frazer 'whoops up hell' through 302 pages.