The Weird and Bizarre Margaret Court Kerfuffle

So this Margaret Court guff just won’t go away. For those who don’t know who she is, she’s Australia’s most successful singles tennis player, and she’s a Victory Life Church pastor. I’d never heard of the Victory Life Church before all this. Her recent notoriety stems from an open letter she wrote to Qantas saying she wouldn’t fly with the airline because of its stance in favour of marriage equality and a 2013 ‘letter to the editor’ condemning Casey Dellacqua’s relationship with another woman and their decision have a child (they now have two kids). For those who don’t know, Casey Dellacqua is a current Australian tennis player. What right Margaret Court has to comment on tennis player relationships, no one knows. Anyway, she subsequently appeared on ‘The Project’, you can view that one online; she’s still being quoted in the media; and an alleged ‘Google Maps gremlin’ re-named Margaret Court Arena as Evonne Goolagong Arena — but, to my knowledge, no one has asked Evonne Goolagong her stance on marriage equality. So, to turn this weird story into a positive one, here is an interview with midwife Elvira Earthstar (who, like Casey Dellacqua, is in a relationship with another woman, a social worker, and is the proud mum of two kids). To date, Margaret Court has not commented on midwife–social worker relationships. This is an interview from last year, and at the time of recording Elvira was nine months pregnant with their second child, so it was wonderful and special that she gave us her time.

(photo: qnews)

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