Australia says YES to marriage equality

(Image Source: Demi Lynch. Yes campaigners celebrate results of postal survey at Queens Garden.) 


It was a historic moment yesterday as thousands gathered across Australia to hear the results of the marriage law postal survey.

At 9am the results were released to the general public across the nation and 61.6 per cent of voters said yes to marriage equality.  

Yes supporters gathered at Queens Garden in Brisbane, including ‘Equal Love’ convenor Jess Payne who has been campaigning for same-sex marriage for over ten years. 

"I've been campaigning pretty much since John Howard banned marriage equality in 2004," said Ms Payne. 

She said the next step now is for Parliament to pass the same-sex marriage bill. 

"Once the bill is drafted and it gets through it will go onto the Senate," said Ms Payne.

"And once it passes the Senate it goes to the House Representatives, and hopefully the plan is it will get passed by November 30th.

That's the plan, obviously the people that oppose marriage equality will come up with all kinds of weird and wacky ways to delay it from happening.

They could block the bill from even getting to the Parliament.

I mean even the Government at the moment is in crisis with the citizenship stuff and Malcolm Turnbull being unpopular with everyone.

I mean who knows whats going to happen in Parliament over the next couples of week.

But the main push from the yes campaign is to just see that bill get into Parliament and passed." 


After the postal survey results were released, Queensland director of 'Australia Marriage Equality Campaign' Peter Black spoke to the hundreds of supporters gathered at Queens Garden. 

"The people of Australia have overwhelmingly spoken, 79.5 per cent of Australians participated in the survey," said Mr Black. 

"Every state and every territory a majority voted yes.

And Queensland our home state overwhelmingly voted yes.

That will for sure engage in some State of Origin rivalry as it's a higher percenatage than New South Wales."


For further information on the results on the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey visit 

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