Emmanuel College Scandal

Last week students from the University of Queensland’s residential hall Emmanuel College released their 2017 Student's Club yearbook. Many were horrified to discover that students had used shocking language and comments such as “consent is nothing” and “I’d rather choke her to sleep than talk her to sleep”. This comes only 3 months after the Human Rights Commission released a report that revealed that 51% of university students were sexually assaulted or harassed in 2016. Despite much coverage and promises to make amends, it appears that not much has changed in regard to attitudes surrounding sexual harassment. UQ has distanced themselves from the comments and says that they will be discussing the matter with the college. Ebony Wilson spoke to Sharna Bremner from advocacy group End Rape on Campus about the matter.


Image Credit: Emmanuel College 

Clarification: The 2017 Student's Club Yearbook was produced by students from Emmanuel College and College management advise they were not privy to what the students write. For a full explanation of Emmanuel College response to the yearbook scandal see below: