Australian Mammal Extinctions Blamed On Cats And Foxes

Scientists have uncovered a disturbing trend in Australian nature: our mammals are going extinct at an alarmingly high rate, due in large part to cats and foxes voracious appetites.

A study published last Monday shows that more than 10 percent of our land mammal species have been wiped out since European settlement.

This is an extraordinary extinction rate and has long been a source of puzzlement as our sparsely human populated country should be a safe-haven for animals.

Most extinctions are generally blamed on humans who have overhunted the animals or destroyed their habitat.

"We knew it was bad, but I think our tallies were much worse than previously thought," said one of the study's authors, from Australia's Charles Darwin University.

"We need to be better stewards so that we can share these wonderful animals with our children and grandchildren."

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