Cyclone Nathan weakening, to hit landfall

Tropical Cyclone Nathon is losing strength as it approaches the coast of the Northern Territory, where it is due to make landfall this morning.

The cyclone is expected to hit the coast between Maningrida and Goulburn Island, about 300km east of Darwin, but it has been dropped to a category 1 storm from its previous category 2 rating.

Nonetheless, a state of emergency has been declared on Goulburn Island. All 427 residents were evacuated to Darwin on Monday before the strong winds hit. A warning zone has been placed between Maningrida and Cape Don and Point Stuart.

Whilst the cyclone is not expected to strengthen much before it hits the coast, the Bureau of Meteorology said that there is still a chance it will move over the Van Diemen Gulf waters and maintain cyclone strength, and so a Cyclone Watch is in place for the eastern part of Melville Island.