AFP to investigate 'use of force' at ANZAC Day protest

The Australian Federal Police will investigate an incident where a senior police officer allegedly threatened to use his taser on an Indigenous activist during a scuffle on ANZAC Day.

The AFP says another female officer was struck during the disturbance and an officer had his clothing torn.

Indigenous and non-Indigenous activists attempted to march at the tail of the ANZAC Day ceremonial parade in Canberra. They wanted to commemorate the violence between colonial settlers and Indigenous people in Australia during the Frontier Wars and planned to lay a wreath at the war memorial.

Activists were told by police they were marching illegally because they didn’t have a permit from the RSL. Police told them they could march a few hundred metres up the ANZAC Parade before they would be stopped by police.

Protesters allege they were repeatedly disrespected by police and told it “wasn’t their day”.

When police tried to arrest one of the men who was shouting, a scuffle broke out which saw several officers and protesters pushing each other. It was then that it’s alleged a police officer pulled out his taser and threatened to motioned to use it on the activist.