Breeding season begins for endangered green turtle - and more 9am zedlines

Scientists are flocking to Raine Island in the Great Barrier Reef for the breeding season of the endangered green sea turtle. Image source: Flickr

Logan council candidate praises Australian democracy

A former refugee is the latest person to campaign for a seat on the Logan City Council.

Blaise Itabelo fled the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1996, and spent the next 16 years in refugee camps, before eventually arriving in Australia.

The political hopeful passed his citizenship test with full marks, and says he looks forward to contributing to what he calls ‘a great democratic country’.

Breeding season begins for endangered green turtle

Following significant beach development last year, scientists are flocking to Raine Island on the northern tip of the Great Barrier Reef for the breeding season of the endangered green sea turtle.

Each year up to 60 thousand female green turtles swim from across the Pacific to the breeding grounds in the Great Barrier Reef, but previous years have seen high nesting and hatching failure, and large rates of adult death.

The beach redevelopment and planned scientific monitoring program was achieved through a partnership with mining giant BHP Billiton and the support of the Wuthari and Meriam peoples.

WA ear clinic cut despite government assurances

Staffers of a mobile Indigenous ear clinic in Perth have told the media they have had their funding cut with no good explanation.

A June review of Aboriginal health programs stated that only those programs with a ‘poor’ rating would have their funding revoked.

The program in question, Telethon Speech and Hearing's Ear Health program, has an ‘outstanding’ rating, and has reported incidences of hearing problems in Aboriginal children have halved.

Health Minister Kim Hames says the program was cut as it seems to duplicate a lot of the work already done by the department, and that the money stayed would stay in the Aboriginal health sphere.

NSW's largest electorate to grow even larger

New South Wales’ largest political electorate is set to become even larger, thanks to a bid to overhaul federal boundaries in the state.

The Nationals MP Mark Coulton holds the seat, which currently covers almost a third of the state, and is set to expand to about half the state.

The Electoral Commission is planning on shifting the borders of seats including Parkes, Calare, Hume, Burke and Riverina, in order to create a new electorate in Western Australia.

Hundreds of protestors arrested in Paris

Hundreds of protesters have been arrested in Paris, and dozens more are already under house arrest as the Paris Climate Summit begins today.

After the Paris attacks several weeks ago in which dozens were killed, President Francois Hollande had declared a state of emergency banning public demonstrations.

Despite this, thousands of people gathered at the Place de la Republique to protest what they describe as a police state.

More than half a million people around the world took part in climate change marches over the weekend, in the lead up to the Paris Climate Summit.

Russian airstrike in Syria kills more than 40, injures dozens

A Russian airstrike has killed more than 40 civilians and injured dozens in a Syrian marketplace over the weekend.

Russia claims it is targeting the Islamic State in Syria, but the site of the attack, Idlib province is not a stronghold of the Islamic State group.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which reports on the war, says the death toll includes four children and "a leading opposition" member.