Investigation launched into labour hire laws - and more 11am zedlines

Companies are being accused of exploiting seasonal workers across the fruit and vegetable industry (Image source: Flickr)

Investigation launched into labour hire laws:

A series of investigations have been launched in North Queensland looking at labour hire laws.

With some companies being accused of exploiting seasonal workers across the fruit and vegetable industry.

Authorities are also working to deal with the policing of overcrowded share houses owned by employers.

Farmers are calling for changes in legislation surrounding new mining projects:

Central Queensland farmers are calling for changes to legislation surrounding new mining projects in the Galilee Basin as the wait for construction timeframes on a proposed rail line begin to take their toll.

The rail line, set to pass through 39 properties between the GVK Hancock Alpha coal mine and Abbot Point in north Queensland, has seen significant delays due to legal challenges by environmental groups.

A company spokesman says the situation is out of their hands, suggesting the legal challengers be held accountable.

NSW state government logo labelled excessive:

The people of NSW are questioning a decision to spend $160,000 on a new state government logo.

A spokesperson for Premier Mike Baird said the cost was significantly lower than similar moves in different states and the refresh was designed to attract more investment in the state.

The NSW opposition has labelled the move as excessive.

10th anniversary of the Cronulla riots:

One of the men jailed after his involvement in the Cronulla riots has spoken out ahead of the tenth anniversary of the event.

Geoffrey Atkinson, who was part of a mob which attacked Safi Merhi on the day, says he is ashamed of his actions, but not the stance he took, suggesting the real story of the day was lost to the narratives of patriotic violence and racism.

Alcohol and heightened racial tensions were to blame for the violence.

Iraq warns Turkey to withdraw:

Iraq has warned Turkey if it does not withdraw its troops within 48 hours it will face all available options, including recourse to the UN Security Council.

The troops are said to have entered the country illegally, with Baghdad saying Turkish forces with tanks and artillery entered Iraq without its permission.

Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu says there would be no deployment of forces until Baghdad’s concern was addressed, however the future of the forces already sent remain unclear.

Mysterious 'ghost ships' in Japan:

A fleet of boats with headless skeletons or partial remains on board have washed up on Japan’s shores.

At least 14 weathered vessels, with almost 24 bodies have been discovered in the past two months.

Mounting evidence points to the boats coming from North Korea with speculation the dead could have been defectors looking for escape from King Jong-un.

However, officials say they were more likely fishermen on an ill-fated, but government-mandated, search for bigger catches.