Dinosaurs on the move to Roma - and more 8am Zedlines

Could 3D printing bring Dinosaurs back to their final resting places in a bid for tourism? (Image Source: Flickr Creative Commons)

3D Dinosaurs for Roma:

A town in South West Queensland is looking to use 3D printing to build a replica dinosaur.

The bones of a Rhoetosaurus, discovered in Roma in 1924 are currently being kept in the Queensland Museum in Brisbane, however Maranoa Council want to replicate the large herbivore to attract tourists.

A printed dinosaur would enable more interactive learning experiences for young children.

Oman Ama residents reject nuclear facility:

A group of Oman Ama residents have written to Federal Resources Minister Josh Frydenberg rejecting the permanent nuclear waste disposal facility proposed for the Darling Downs.

Residents expressing concern have cited safety of nearby Murray-Darling tributaries, land devaluation, loss of tourism initiatives, and anxiety amongst locals as the most pressing issues with the site.

The Oman Ama site is one of six suggested by the federal government, with a final decision not due until after this year’s federal election.

Wrong number, strong words:

Senior Cabinet Minister Peter Dutton has been caught up in the scandal surrounding Jamie Briggs after sending an offensive text message to a journalist covering the story.

Samantha Maiden, The Sunday Telegraph’s political editor received the message from Mr Dutton where he called her a mad f***ing witch.

Mr Dutton has confirmed he sent the text and said he apologised immediately after he had meant to send it to Jamie Briggs in response to a column Ms Maiden had written.

Somali Asylum seeker mistreated:

It has been confirmed that a Somali asylum seeker known as Abyan did not rule out abortion.

Abyan was allegedly raped on Nauru and was transferred to Australia for an abortion after the Federal Government’s healthcare advisor told senior staff that the pregnancy was a risk to her mental health.

However, five days later, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton publicly stated Abyan decided not to proceed with the abortion, and she was sent back to Nauru, still pregnant.

More information to follow.

Peace signs in the Greek hillside:

Around 100 volunteers from Greenpeace, Doctors without Borders, Sea-Watch, the Dutch Refugee Boat Foundation, and Starfish have erected a huge tribute peace sign on the Greek Island of Lesbos.

The giant symbol contained about 3,000 discarded life jackets used by refugees who crossed the Aegean Sea.

Unfortunately the groups did not have permission to leave it there so it was dismantled and removed later that day.

Saudi Arabia cuts ties with Iran

Saudi Arabia is severing diplomatic ties with Iran after its Tehran embassy was set alight following the execution of a Shiite cleric.

The Saudi foreign ministry has given the Iranian diplomatic mission 48 hours to leave the kingdom while also withdrawing its own staff from Tehran after the embassy was attacked by protesters on Saturday amongst demonstrations in the Iranian capital.

Sheik al Nimr was beheaded by the Saudi government for allegedly inciting his followers to violence, though human rights groups suggest it was due to political opposition to the Saudi regime.