Sulphuric acid spill clean up hampered by wet season in North Queensland and more 9am Zedlines

Sulphuric acid spill clean up hampered by wet season in North Queensland, Murray-Darling Basin Plan may not be value for money: Farrer MP, Severe snowstorms in Texas devastate cattle population and more 9am Zedlines (Image: Wikipedia)

CBD rally in remembrance of Dundalli

One of the leading Aboriginal warriors in Queensland’s frontier wars will be remembered at a rally in the CBD today.

Dundalli, a Dalambara man from the Blackall Ranges, evaded police for almost 15 years as they tried to link him to a series of crimes based on circumstantial evidence before eventually being caught and hung in front of the Brisbane Gaol, then-located on Queen St.

The remembrance celebration will be held where the hanging occurred outside Post Office Square at 10am today.

Sulphuric acid spill clean up hampered by wet season in North Queensland

Fishermen in the Gulf of Carpentaria could feel the sting of a sulphuric acid spill after a train derailed near Julia Creek last week.

Clean up efforts have been thwarted by wet weather in the region. The spill has led to higher acidity levels in nearby Horse Creek, a tributary of the Cloncurry and Flinders Rivers which eventually flow into the Gulf.

Gulf of Carpentaria Commercial Fishermen's Association chairperson Gary Ward says if the acid flows into the rivers it could spell disaster for the fishery.

Hoverboard ignites causing house fire minor tragedy

A family of five in Melbourne’s north-west has had a lucky escape after a hoverboard caught fire and nearly burnt their home to the ground.

The hoverboard was plugged into a wall and charging in a bedroom of the house when it overheated and ignited starting the blaze. A smoke alarm alerted the family and they managed to escape uninjured.

Safety concerns over some hoverboard designs led the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to issue a warning about the danger of fires and the potential for injury through falls.

Murray-Darling Basin Plan may not be value for money: Farrer MP

The $13 billion Murray-Darling Basin Plan has come under criticism from Farrer MP Sussan Ley, saying an audit of the plan may be necessary.

Ms Ley says the path to specific environmental outcomes have not been outlined clearly, and taxpayers may not get value for money under the current proposal.

Irrigators in the region have accused Ms Ley of failing to act fast enough on their concerns about the regime to return water to the drought affected river system.

Severe snowstorms in Texas devastate cattle population

A freak blizzard has devastated dairy farms in Texas, killing approximately ten per cent of mature cattle in the affected area.

Northern parts of the state were hit with a record-breaking snowstorm as many parts of the US Midwest continue to face severe winter weather.

The Texas Association of Dairymen have also raised concerns about safely disposing the cattle carcasses still buried under snow.

Tensions worsen in the Middle East over Saudi executions

Diplomatic tensions in the Middle-East worsened overnight with three Sunni-led nations joining Saudi Arabia in dramatically reducing ties with Iran.

The action is in response to Iranian protesters setting fire to the Saudi Embassy in Tehran after the Saudi execution of a Shiite cleric critical of the nation’s treatment of it’s minority Shiite citizens.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon has condemned both the execution and the attack on the Embassy.