Council suggests tougher penalties instead of early lockout - and more 11am Zedlines

The Brisbane City Council insists stricter enforcement of liquor laws will help curb alcohol-fueled violence without affecting the night-life economy. Image Source: WikiCommons

Council suggest tougher penalties instead of changed lockout laws

Brisbane City Council has insisted stricter enforcement of existing liquor laws and introducing tougher penalties will help curb alcohol related violence.

This approach is at odds with the Queensland government’s plans to press forward with legislation aimed at making lockout and last drink times earlier across the state.

The LNP council administration’s economic chairman Julian Simmonds said their concerns remain with the night-life economy and potential job losses from the proposed lockout laws.

Managers accused of flying employee from PNG to Australia to avoid legal system

Managers at the Manus Island detention center have been accused of flying an employee from Papua New Guinea to Australia after he robbed a bar and crashed his car.

The man is employed by Wilson Security, the company subcontracted by Australian immigration department contractors Broadspectrum, formerly known as Transfield, who are responsible for security in the centre.

The Australian immigration department confirmed the flight but were informed no charges would be pressed and no criminal investigation was underway.

Dominic Kakas, a spokesperson for Papua New Guinea police, said it is concerning as it is the second time an Australian has been flown out of the country to avoid their laws.

Hundreds gather to protest Shiite cleric execution

Hundreds of people gathered outside the Saudi Arabian embassy in Canberra yesterday to protest the execution of prominent Shiite cleric Namir al-Nimr.

The cleric was beheaded on the weekend on charges of inciting his followers to violence, but human rights groups say he was executed for his political opposition to the Saudi regime.

One of the protesters, Mohammed Syed, said people from all backgrounds were at the protest because Australia stands for freedom, democracy and rights.

Polish government takes control over state media

Poland’s president has signed a bill giving the government control of state media.

President Andrzej Duda’s aide, Malgorzata Sadurska, said the president signed the bill in hopes to make the state media impartial, objective and credible as they are not guaranteeing objective information in their current form.

Current managers and supervisory board members of Poland’s public broadcasters will be fired with immediate effect.

Turkish firm caught making fake life-vests

A Turkish firm has been caught manufacturing and selling 1200 fake life-vests to refugees.

Turkish police raided the workshop in Izmir and found workers stuffing the vests with packaging rather than buoyancy aids.

Sait Guderoglu, one of Turkey’s top lifevest producers, said these jackets are worse than no vest at all as the material absorbs water and becomes heavy so the wearers sink.