Remembering the Charlie Hebdo attacks - and more 8am Zedlines:

One year on from the Charlie Hebdo attacks Paris remembers. (Image Source: Flickr creative commons)

Hay runners provide much needed relief:

A convoy of 120 trucks drove 1,800kms to deliver about 5,000 hay bales to drought affected graziers.

The Burrumbuttock Hay Runners left Darlington Port in southern New South Wales last Thursday and arrived in Ilfracombe in western Queensland the next night.

The run took over five months to prepare and provided hay for some 270 graziers.

Five years on from devastating South-East Queensland floods:

The devastating floods of 2011 are still weighing on residents of South-East Queensland, five years after the disaster which killed 36 and left more than 30,000 homes and businesses destroyed.

Grantham residents say they will never forget the day though they are trying to move on, while on Brisbane’s south side Rocklea residents have used new building codes to rebuild 9.5m above the ground.

The disaster cost over $2 billion in insurance claims.

Calls to investigate animal cruelty on Tasmanian Indigenous training farm:

Federal Government officials are being called to launch an investigation into animal cruelty claims at an Indigenous training farm in the south of Tasmania.

The farm is operated by the Commonwealth’s Indigenous Land Corporation and it has come under scrutiny after an alleged incident saw a paralysed sheep not euthanased and left overnight in the rain.

An investigation by Tasmania’s Primary Industries Department found enough evidence to take the Corporation to court, instead it was merely given a $280 fine, a matter which has members from the Barristers Animal Welfare Panel and independent MPs calling for action.

Entering day six in Western Australian fire front:

Fire crews have entered their sixth day battling the bushfire in South West West Australian which has left two dead and more than 72,000 hectares burnt.

West Australian Liberal MP Murray Cowper visited fire affected areas and warned that smoldering trees could see jump-outs of fires for months.

143 properties have been destroyed in the blaze, which sparked its own weather system.

Cooling temperatures and easing winds are assisting fire crews, though the blaze is not yet under control.

US muscles in over North Korean nuclear test:

A B-52 bomber has been deployed over South Korea by the US in a show of force after North Korea’s nuclear test.

North Korea sparked international alarm and raised tensions along the inter-Korean frontier after it tested its first hydrogen bomb last Wednesday.

The B-52 flight was conducted in response to this test as a display of military strength in hopes to dissuade further nuclear tests in the North.

Remembering the Charlie Hebdo attacks:

French President Francois Hollande has joined Parisians marking the one year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks at a simple event in the French capital on Sunday.

During the event, President Hollande unveiled a plaque dedicated to all victims of last year’s attacks, followed by an unannounced appearance at the city’s leading mosque.

Mosques across the country opened to the public over the weekend in an attempt to strengthen community ties after the series of attacks in France during 2015.