Aboriginal Rights campaigners demand change - and more 8am Zedlines

Brisbane Aboriginal rights campaigners want justice after arrest video posted online

Aboriginal Rights campaigners demand change

Brisbane Aboriginal rights campaigners are calling for a Royal Commission into Police across Australia after a video of an arrest in Brisbane emerged online.

Veteran rights campaigner Sam Watson says the family in the video had done not broken any law which required police attention.

Mr Watson also claims the young aboriginal man in the video appears to have suffered a broken arm.


Government may ‘re-think’ backpacker tax
The Federal Government has shown signs that it may be prepared to rethink the amount of tax paid by backpack workers.

Assistant Agriculture Minister Anne Ruston says she recognises the concerns that farmers have, however she is yet to see evidence the tax increase will hurt farms that rely on backpacker labour.

Ms Ruston went on to say if the tax increase does cause the kind of detrimental impact that people are predicting then perhaps the Government will need to reconsider the issue.


Vietnamese student’s victims of online scam

New South Wales police are warning people to watch out for online travel scams after hundreds of Vietnamese students were sold fake tickets through social media services.

Police say roughly 300 students in Sydney and Melbourne purchased tickets to Vietnam from a Facebook page, but when it came time to check-in, they found their bookings had been cancelled.

Police claim that the total value of tickets involved is estimated to be roughly $360,000.


Bali security increase after letter threat

Security across Bali has been increased after a threatening letter was sent to a government office less than week after the attack in Jakarta.

The letter in question was sent to Buleleng in Bali’s north, with warning that the holiday island could be the next target for attack.

A police spokesperson said security had been increased at airports, government offices and entertainment centres, stating while the letter could be a hoax, it is important that authorities stay alert.


UK launches anti-IS webstie.

Britain has launched a new website with the purpose of educating Muslim teenagers against organisations such as Islamic State.

The website, called Educate Against Hate, warns parents and teachers to keep an eye out for signs of radicalisation amongst youths and to keep track of their online habits.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan launched the initiative at a school in east-London, where several students left to join Islamic State in Syria last year.