Low-earning Aussies facing deportation in UK and more 10AM Zedlines

Australians working in the UK who earn less than $72,000AUD may not be allowed to stay, under new visa regulations. Source: Richard Croft CC

Bacertia in Brisbane hospitals non-deadly

Legionella bacteria found at a second Brisbane hospital in three weeks has been deemed as a non-deadly strain and poses no risk to patients or staff.

Bacteria was found in two ice machines at the Princess Alexandra Hospital on Monday, only weeks after a patient at Brisbane’s Wesley Hospital tested positive for the deadly disease.

The strain is similar to one found in potting mix and garden soil, says the hospital.


Tweed developer fined for environmental damage

A billionaire developer has been fined after failing to protect a “sensitive environmental zone”.

Mr Bob Ell will be made to pay $15,000 after The Department of Planning and Environment found instead of protecting the zone around his Cobaki Estate on the Tweed Coast, he dug up the land.

A spokesman for the department says the breach has been assessed as having a high impact, with Mr Ell now having to restore the area.


Lower-income Aussies out of Britian 

Australians working in Britain who earn below a certain wage may not be allowed to stay under new rules starting this year.

New laws, set to take effect from April, state that non-European workers will need to earn at least £35,000 ($72,000 AUD) per year if they want to settle in the UK for longer than six years.

The visa move was first flagged in 2012, and will apply to those outside of the European Economic Zone, in an effort to “break the link” between working and staying permanently in Britain.


Brandis to challege information request

Attorney-General George Brandis is challenging a tribunal ruling, declaring that he reconsider a Freedom of Information request made for access to his ministerial diary.

The request was meant to determine which stakeholders Senator Brandis met with, prior to cutting funding to community legal services and the arts.

Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus, who issued the request, says Senator Brandis’ appeal is an “extraordinary waste of public money.”


Kabul boming kills seven people

A suicide car bombing in Kabul has killed seven people during evening rush hour close to the Russian embassy

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed at least six employees of a private Afghan television channel.

The attack occurs as efforts to revive a failed peace process with Taliban insurgents are being renewed.


Oil exporters go green

A drop in oil prices has seen exporting nations takeup green energy options.

Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Russia and Iran are all looking to limit fossil fuel use at home, in order to boost export profits.

The switch comes a month after the climate agreement in Paris, as oil exporters review their domestic energy policies and make the swap to alternative sources.

Commentators say the main motive is still founded on cutting back domestic energy demand, and not on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.