Egypt: Mubarak faces retrial, and more 11am Zedlines

Former Egyptian President Mubarak faces retrial for murder. Source: Wikicommons

Greens mayoral candidate promises free cat desexing

The Greens candidate for Brisbane Lord Mayor has announced a $6.5 million plan for free desexing of cats.

Ben Pennings says unwanted cats pose a significant threat to wildlife, causing millions of native animal deaths each week.

RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty says the plan seems sound
and would result in cost savings for his organisation as well as


Nuclear waste on Darling Downs

Community consultation is continuing on the Darling Downs over a
proposed nuclear waste storage facility 30 kilometres from Inglewood.

The Federal Government is offering landholder four times the value of
their land if they host waste facilities, but critics are concerned the
waste could put the community at risk.

Friends of Oman Ama group member Bob Morrish says the government is
giving misinformation to the community and that claims the facilities
would hold only low-level waste cannot be trusted.


Climate denier Bob Carter dies

Prominent Australian Climate Change denier Bob Carter has died of a heart attack in his Townsville home aged 74.

Professor Carter authored a number of books claiming climate change
was fiction, and held public lectures claiming carbon dioxide does not
cause global warming.

He was removed from his position of head of Earth Sciences at James Cook University in 2013.

Professor Carter’s funeral will be held in Townsville on Monday.


Private colleges face restrictions

Private colleges could face bans on using brokers and agents to sell
their course, following concerns over high pressure sales tactics being
used to saddle vulnerable people with huge debts.

The restrictions could form part of a raft of restrictions being
considered by Federal vocational education and skills minister, Luke

Mr Hartsuyker has also suggested the package could include scaling
back the number of courses for which private colleges can receive
government funding.


Venezuelan government press secretary murdered

A lone gunman has shot dead the Press Secretary for Venezuela’s
socialist government outside his Caracas home in the early hours of
Wednesday morning.

Venezuelan officials say Ricardo Duran was shot with a single bullet by someone evidently trained to kill.

Duran was well known as an anchor for Venezuelan state television
VTV, and a key reporter on the 2002 coup against late president Hugo

The killing follows the victory of the right wing in the recent
national elections in which it won an absolute majority in the National


Egypt: Mubarak faces retrial

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has begun his second trial
over the killing of protesters during the 2011 uprising against his

Mubarak was originally sentenced to life in prison but appealed and won a retrial.

The trial occurs amidst a backdrop of growing crackdowns on human rights and the number of journalists being jailed increasing.