Giles to privatise Alice town camps and more 9am Zedlines

The NT Government has handed service provision for Alice Springs town camps to private company Zodiac. Source: Wikicommons

Rural women less likely to survive breast cancer

A new Queensland study has found rural women with breast cancer are
less likely to have additional treatments like radiotherapy, leading to
lower survival rates.

The study found that women living in urban areas were around
two-and-a-half times more likely to have radiotherapy and that women
living further away from treatment centres were less likely to opt for
adjunct therapies.

Cancer council spokesperson Katie Clift said it was likely that some
women who declined further treatment were unaware of support services
for treatment away from home like accommodation.


Regional Express workers to take industrial action

Pilots for airline Regional Express or REX are set to launch
indefinite industrial action for two days a week after 13 pilots were
stood down by management following an initial action on Friday.

The action by pilots comes amid stalled negotiations over their Enterprise Bargaining Agreement that expired 18 months ago.

The Australian Federation of Air Pilots, which has been negotiating
with the airline for two years, is at loggerheads with REX around
overnight stay requirements for pilots in the new EBA.


Giles to privatise Alice Springs town camps

Protesters have demanded that the Northern Territory goverment
reverse its decision to hand tenancy services in Alice Springs town
camps to a private provider.

Zodiac Business Services is set to take over the contract from the
Tangentyere Council which has serviced the camps since the early 1970s
in a move that critics say will put hundreds of highly vulnerable people
at risk.

It’s the second Aboriginal community services contract in two years
to be awarded to Zodiac by the Country Liberal Party government of Adam
Giles. The company took over housing and maintenance services for the
MacDonnell and Central Desert regional councils in February 2014.


Victorian drought threatens meat industry

Record dry conditions in southwest Victoria have seen farmers queuing
at water bores and have sparked calls to future-proof farming land from
climate change to avoid disastrous consequences for producers. 

The Southern Australia Meat Research Council has warned that
continued dry conditions could spell the end of meat production in the
most concentrated meat-producing region of Australia.

The Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed the region has broken several dry weather records in recent years.


IMF offers Greece strings-attached bailout

The International Monetary Fund has warned Greece that it will only
provide bailout funds under strict conditions, including tough economic
reforms that could mean more austerity for the country.

IMF chief Christine Lagarde said the organisation would also require the EU to write down some of Greece’s massive debt.

The Greek SYRIZA party, initially elected on a strong anti-austerity
platform and recently reelected, has committed to economic reform in
exchange for further bailout funds.


Deceased honeymooner to be listed as married on death certificate

An English man who died on his honeymoon in Adelaide will be registered as “married” on his death certificate.

David Bulmer-Rizzi died in a fall on honeymoon with his husband Marco
who was then advised the death certificate would read “not-married”
since same-sex marriages are not recognised in South Australia.

South Australian Premier Jay Wetherall promised the decision would be
changed following international outrage over the couples’ treatment.