Gurrumul cancels East Coast tour - and more 11am Zedlines.

Gurrumul cancels east coast tour due to ill health. Source: Wikicommons

Proposal to house Rockhampton pound in Correctional Centre

A proposal to move the Rockhampton pound to the Capricornia Correctional Centre has been met with support from the local council and the RSPCA.

The RSPCA’s central Queensland inspector Natalie Aitken says it would be a great outcome for both the animals and the prisoners.

Ms Aitken says studies in the US show working with guide dogs and with pounds helps prisoners to rehabilitate.

Queenslanders to join Antarctic dinosaur expedition

Two Queenslanders will join an international expedition to Antarctica in February and March in the hope of shedding more light on how dinosaurs spread across the planet.

Australia and Antarctica were joined about forty million years ago and researchers hope to find evidence of what dinosaurs may have existed in Australia.

The researchers also hope to find evidence of when Australia became a more isolated continent, and also what other animals existed in Antarctica towards the end of the age of the dinosaurs.

Turnbull promises same-sex marriage if plebiscite passes

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says same-sex marriage will be legalised if the plebiscite comes back in favour of it.

This statement comes in the wake of some conservative MPs stating their right to a conscience vote regardless of the outcome of the plebiscite.

Cabinet minister Michaelia Cash says Coalition MPs who didn’t accept the public’s vote would have to explain their decisions.

Gurrumul cancels east coast tour

Aboriginal singer Gurrumul has cancelled his upcoming east coast tour due to poor health.

The singer was due to headline the St Kilda Festival in Melbourne as part of his TRIBE2tribe Electro Tour in February - a prelude to the release of his first electronic album by the same name.

Additional performances in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane have also been cancelled.

Japan monitors N Korea missiles

Japan’s Kyodo News has reported North Korea may be planning a long-range missile launch soon, citing an unnamed Japanese government official.

A Japanese government spokesperson said at a news conference that Japan was monitoring movements of North Korea’s missiles with great interest.

A South Korean defence ministry spokesperson refused to either confirm or deny the report, saying that North Korea did not comment on intelligence matters.

Suicide bombing kills eight in Yemen

A suicide bombing has killed eight people near near the presidential palace in Yemen.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack which is said to have targeted a convoy of senior officials who were driving towards the palace.

This is the latest in a series of attacks in the war-ravaged country that was only taken back from Houthi rebels six months ago.