Brisbane churches are invoking sanctuary against a High Court ruling - and more 10AM Zedlines

Around ten Anglican churches across Australia are joining ranks and invoking the ancient rule of sanctuary, opening their doors to asylum seekers. Source: St John's Cathedral, Brisbane, Wikimedia Commons

Churches open doors to refugees 

A Brisbane church has invoked the historical concept of sanctuary and will open it’s doors to any of the 270 refugees who may be forced to return to Manus Island or Nauru after a High Court ruling.

The Anglican Dean of Brisbane, Reverend Dr Peter Catt, said the concept has never been tested under Australian law but he would happily risk prosecution by offering it.

He said if authorities attempt to enter churches and remove refugees it “would probably be a legal action” but “it wouldn’t be a good look.”


Logan mayoral candidate wants open wallet policy

A Logan mayoral candidate is challenging his rivals to disclose their financial backers before the election.

John Freeman, a previous Logan Mayor, says his request is about “the integrity of mayoral candidates” and instilling confidence in the community.

The main target of Mr Freeman’s proposal, Logan City Councillor Luke Smith, has brushed off the suggestion, claiming he is not a man who lacks integrity.


Colation MPs uncertain over GST hike

There’s a growing unrest among Coalition MPs over the decision to increase the Goods and Services Tax.

There are reports of around 20 Coalition MPs who are effectively opposed to an increase in GST, fearing electoral backlash over the suggested raise.

Trade Minister Andrew Robb has dismissed the suggestions, saying backbenchers are still in discussion over the proposal.


Childcare overhaul brings $3bn boost

A proposed overhaul of the childcare sector could boost the economy by more than $3 billion dollars by 2020.

The Federal Government wants to change the current complicated system of childcare payments to one means-tested subsidy so the biggest payments will go to middle and lower income families.

Research shows that the equivalent of 20,000 full-time workers would return to the workforce during that period as a result of more affordable childcare.


Egyptian court reverses death-sentence ruling

An Egyptian court has overturned death sentences for 149 pro-Islamists accused of the murders of 13 policemen in a mob killing in 2013.

A retrial has been ordered for the defendants, who initially received the death sentence in mass trials that raised international condemnation.

The court has overturned hundreds of death sentences in the past year, while seven people have been executed for political violence since the military overthrow of Mohamed Morsi.


$9bn fundraising goal for Syrian refugees 

World leaders are hoping to raise $9 billion dollars at a London based conference for Syrian refugees, with the aim of preventing a class of uneducated and unemployed Syrians.

The conference organisers want aid money to be focused on work and education opportunities for Syrians in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.

British officials say there is an increased risk refugees will turn to extremism unless they are offered the possibility of a better life.