Brisbane hospital legionella scare, and more 9am Zedlines

Staff at the Mater Private Hospital have been told to prevent at-risk patients using showers and sinks amid a legionella detection. Source: Wikicommons

Legionella scare at Brisbane hospital

At risk patients at a Brisbane hospital have been told not to use showers or sinks after signs of legionella were detected in the water system.

The warning to staff and patients at Mater Private Hospital come a week after a patient tested positive to the bacteria.

If inhaled, the bacteria can lead to Legionnaire’s Disease which can progress to kidney failure and death if left untreated.

Ambos say no to violence

Emergency services workers in Queensland yesterday protested outside Southport Magistrates Court asking for harsher sentences for those who assault paramedics.

This protest is part of a campaign which has gained support of over 5000 people in Australia and overseas.

Paramedic Greg Golds says the assaults on paramedic staff are nothing new but they won’t stand for it anymore.

Protests against hight court refugee decision

Thousands of people hit the streets in capital cities across Australia last night protesting the deportation of 267 people, including 72 children, from Australia to Nauru.

The biggest protest was in Melbourne where around 3000 people gathered at the state library before staging a sit in at the Department of Immigration.

The Wednesday ruling was followed by a Human Rights Commission report that found children were being seriously damaged by detention.

Pro-rape groups cancels meet-ups amid safety fears

Leader of self-described neo-masculinity group, Daryush Valizadeh, has cancelled his upcoming tours in fear of his attendees safety.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says Mr Valizadeh’s visa was cancelled after a petition to stop him entering Australia received more than 100,000 signatures, although a spokesperson from Mr Dutton’s office says he never applied for a visa.

Valizadeh advocated for the legalisation of rape on private property and believes sexual gratification is a man’s right.

UN panel finds Assange detention "arbitrary"

A United Nations panel has found that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been arbitrarily detained in contravention of international agreements signed by the UK.

The UN working group which examines arbitrary detention will officially release its findings tonight however the decision would have no impact on UK law and won’t overrule the European arrest warrant compelling him to face justice in Sweden.

Assange has said he wants his Australian passport returned and his arrest warrant dropped if the UN body ruled in his favour.

Greeks protest attack on pensions

Greek riot police have used tear gas on protesters at a mass rally in Athens against proposed pension reforms imposed by the country’s creditors.

About fifty thousand Greeks marched on the parliament demanding that the reforms, which include an increase in the retirement age and the phasing out of a pension benefit by 2019, be scrapped.

The protest came amid a 24-hour strike against a package of bailout reform agreed-to by the SYRIZA government which was initially elected on an anti-austerity platform.