Galactic message in a bottle - and more 10am Zedlines:

Earth will transmit a 'message in a bottle' to The North Star with answers to the question: How will our present environmental interactions shape the future? (Image Source: Flickr Creative Commons)

Queensland mining, an unsustainable option:

The Queensland Resources Council says mining companies should pay less royalties and are calling for laws to cap council rates.

The calls are coming off the back of a new industry commissioned report, which shows a third of coal mines to be running at a loss.

The report also found more than half of all the state mines that produce thermal coal are not making any profit.

With about 21,000 jobs lost in the industry in Queensland over the past two years there are grave concerns for mining sustainability.

Melanoma reports rise in rural Queensland:

New statistics from Cancer Council Queensland reveal that parts of central and southern Queensland have the highest instances of melanoma in the state, and therefore the world.

Melanoma Awareness Foundation CEO Brett Otto said more than 3,000 cases were reported in Queensland each year with growing fears that young Australians in particular are becoming complacent .

The statistics show increasing rates of the disease in people under the age of 35 with many of those coming from rural and regional parts of the country.

Alledged NDIS discrimination:

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is coming under fire due to allegations of discrimination.

Severely disabled children born in Australia, but with parents who are New Zealand citizens are being denied access to the scheme because of government rules.

The insurance scheme is open to people who are either citizens or permanent residents but many New Zealanders living in Australia fall under a special visa category meaning they are barred from access.

If these people have children in the country those children cannot become citizens until they turn 10, meaning the children too are unable to access the service.

Plans to prevent youth radicalisation ramp up:

The Federal Government is ramping up plans to give schools and parents more help in intervening in the face of growing youth radicalisation.

In May of 2015 the Government called for a review of measures supporting youth at risk of radicalisation, and in December the Council of Australian Governments made a commitment to better resource schools, families and students to tackle the issue.

The goal is to give school staff appropriate training and resources to understand radicalisation, for students to be given the resources to avoid radical influences, and for school communities and parents to better disseminate information.

Galactic message in a bottle:

Contributions are being sought from around the world for a message in a bottle type project that will be broadcast from Earth to the cosmos later this year.

A Simple Response to an Elemental Message is a project from the University of Edinburgh School of Art, in collaboration with the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh and other partners with over 700 people from around the world already contributing.

The North Star will be the destination for the message which aims to answer the question of how our present environmental interactions will shape the future.

Transitional Government confirmed for Haiti:

Politicians in Haiti have signed an agreement to install a transitional government just hours before President Michel Martelly was scheduled to step down with no replacement in line.

The agreement is aimed at preventing an immediate power vacuum with the parliament electing an interim president with a term of up to 120 days.

An earlier election to choose a replacement for Mr Martelly was called off last month following violence and opposition protests by demonstrators.