North Korea restart plutonium reactor - and more 10am Zedlines

According to US officials, North Korea has restarted a plutonium reactor that could potentially fuel nuclear weapons.

Queensland's propsed lockout laws should be evaluated adter 18 months

The Queensland Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee has recommended that reduced licensing laws for nightclubs be evaluated after 18 months.

However, the Committee could not reach a majority decision on whether the proposed new laws should be passed.

The laws would impose a last drinks time of 2am across the state, except in prescribed Safe Night Precincts where alcohol could be served until 3am, but with a 1am lockout.

Government members support the changes, but the Opposition has vowed to vote against  


Highgate Hills hertiages houses can't be saved

Neighbourhood Planning and Development Committee chairwoman Councillor Amanda Cooper has confirmed three inner-city heritage value homes cannot be saved from being bulldozed because a demolition licence has already been granted.

Houses in Brisbane constructed before 1911 are protected if they are listed on the 2014 city plan, but council did not have the three properties in Jones Street recorded on the heritage list.

The loophole has allowed a developer to seek approval to tear down the three homes, which were built in 1882, 1894 and 1906, to make way for a five-storey unit block.


Immigration department to offer alternatives to conroversial maleria drug

The immigration Department is aiming to offer asylum seekers on Manus Island alternatives to a controversial anti-malarial drug, which is known to cause mental health issues in some patients.

The drug, mefloquine, is known to cause agitation, mood swings, panic attacks, confusion, hallucinations, aggression, psychosis and suicidal thoughts in a small number of patients.

A statement from the Immigration Department says Mefloquine is one of three TGA medications available for use in malaria prevention, and that the use of Mefloquine should be based on case by case.


No confirmed date for same-sex plebiscite

Six months after deciding the issue of same-sex marriage would be put to a plebiscite, the Federal Cabinet has not yet considered a formal proposal for the public vote.

However, Federal Attorney-General George Brandis says he expects a proposal to be brought forward in the coming months and that there has been a great deal of community consultation.

The Federal Coalition party room decided in August last year that the plebiscite should be held sometime after the next federal election.


North Korea restart plutonium reactor

According to US officials, North Korea has restarted a plutonium reactor that could potentially fuel nuclear weapons.

The statement comes days after the North reportedly launched a satellite via a long-range rocket which has been criticised as a guise for developing ballistic missiles.

US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says upon assessment, North Korea have been operating the reactor long enough so that it could begin to recover plutonium from the reactor's spent fuel within a matter of weeks to months.

According to experts, the reactor is capable of producing around six kilos of plutonium a year.