Endangered tiger cubs born in Australia Zoo - and more 8am Zedlines

The cubs in Australia Zoo will eventually grow up to only 100kg, making the Sumatran tiger one of the smallest subspecies. Image Source: WikiCommons

Eighteen more schools targeted by bomb threats

Eighteen Queensland schools were evacuated yesterday following a number of threatening phone calls including some bomb threats.

The evacuations are the latest in a series of evacuations coordinated in response to ongoing anonymous threats since the start of the school year.

Police were unable to say if they were any closer to identifying parties responsible for the threats.

Endangered tiger cubs born at Australia Zoo

Two new critically endangered Sumatran Tiger cubs have been born at Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast.

Head of Australia Zoo’s tiger department, Giles Clark, said both the cubs are healthy and doing well.

Only 500 Sumatran Tigers remain in the wild with poaching and loss of habitat severely reducing their numbers.

Joyce elected Deputy Prime Minister

Barnaby Joyce has become Australia’s new Deputy Prime Minister after being unanimously elected as the leader of The Nationals.

Joyce takes on the role following the resignation of long-standing Nationals leader and Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss.

Minister for Rural Health Fiona Nash has also become the Nationals’ first ever female Deputy Leader.

Indigenous activists set to oppose constitutional recognition

Aboriginal activists will target the Rugby League Indigenous All-Stars game this Saturday opposing the push for recognition of Aboriginal people in the constitution.

In a flyer posted on the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy Facebook page this week, the activists attack the $15 million Recognise campaign calling it tokenistic and a con, and saying the Federal Government is defunding front-line services.

Recognise is a major sponsor of the Indigenous All-Stars who will face off against the International All-Stars.

Mexican prison riot leaves 52 dead

A prison riot in Mexico has left 52 people dead and a further 12 injured.

The riot in the Monterrey prison involved inmates belonging to rival drug cartels, with rioters setting fire to food stores and sleeping areas.

Pope Francis is due to arrive in Mexico on Saturday to speak at prisons regarding insecurity and violence.

Syrian death toll reaches 470,000 since 2011

The Syrian Centre for Policy Research has reported approximately 470,000 Syrians have been killed due to conflict since March 2011.

The report also revealed approximately 1.9 million Syrians have been wounded since the beginning of the conflict, amounting to 11.5% of the country’s population being killed or injured.

The UN high commissioner for human rights stopped the number killed in mid-2014, citing lack of access and diminishing confidence in their statistics as their reason.