PETA asks for digital dissection in Queensland schools - and more 10AM Zedlines

Despite their feral pest status in Australia, PETA is calling for online dissection of frogs and toads instead, offering free software that simulates the procedure. Source: Adult cane toad in Australia, Wikipedia Creative Commons.

Wacol women's centre now foster home for cats

Eight units at the Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre at Wacol are now able to accommodate foster cats.

The program came to fruition in late 2010 as a means to sooth inmates, as well as relieve RSPCA of their demand issues for temporary housing.

Nearby men’s Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre shares a similar program with the RSPCA, however they foster dogs.


PETA calls for digital dissection 

PETA is urging Queensland schools to give up on dissecting cane toads.

Spokesperson from the organisation Claire Fryer, said they had sent letters to all schools in the state to offer them software that simulates the dissection of a frog as an alternative, free of charge.

Recent changes to the Queensland Schools Animal Ethics Committee’s standard operating procedures have limited the use of cane toads for dissections, however PETA says it's not enough.


Nauru asylum seekers settled in Canada 

Two asylum seekers from Nauru have been resettled in Canada.

Father and son, Ahmed, and Ali Kharsa, are believed to be the only refugees on either Nauru or Manus Island to be given permanent protection by a western country.

The relocation was conducted under a family relocation visa after Ali’s mother, Doha, was accepted as a refugee in Canada, the pair left in November.


Oyster virus devastates southern waters

Tasmanian oyster farmers are still counting the cost after an outbreak of Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome, while growers in New South Wales are slowly rebuilding.

Outbreaks of the disease devastated parts of the NSW Sydney rock oyster industry a decade ago, while growers on the Hawkesbury and Georges Rivers are still unproductive after their outbreak in 2013.

The NSW Department of Primary Industry has banned the movement of Pacific oyster spat from Tasmania in an effort to deal with the outbreaks.


Egyptain author jailed over reader's distress

An author in Egypt has been sentenced to two years in jail for public indecency after excerpts of his novel were published in a literary newspaper.

A chapter of the novel was serialised in a state-owned newspaper where it was read by a private citizen who claimed the excerpt caused him distress and heart palpitations.

The author was originally acquitted in January but the prosecution appealed the ruling and he was sentenced to two years in prison.


Girls' Day unboxed in Japan

Japan is a scene of vibrant activity as the country prepares for Girls’ Day on the 3rd of March.

In the weeks leading up to the day, sets of ornamental dolls can be found across the country, in homes, and department stores.

The dolls are an ancient tradition and are believed to ward off bad luck and attract good fortune.