QLD Lockout laws could impact Parliament bars - and more 8am zedlines

Queensland’s MPs could soon find it hard to get a drink after 2am as the Committee of the Legislative Assembly considers whether or not to apply the Palaszczuk Government’s lockout laws to parliamentary bars. [image: wikimedia commons]

Baby Asha transferred to community detention

Baby Asha has been transferred from Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital to community detention.

This morning Immigration Minister Peter Dutton confirmed the baby was transferred and that her family would be provided with maximum support.

Asha has been the focal point of a 10-day protest outside the hospital where staff had refused to discharge her for deportation.


Parliament may be subject to lockout laws

Queensland’s MPs could soon find it hard to get a drink after 2am at State Parliament with the Committee of the Legislative Assembly to consider whether or not to apply the Palaszczuk Government’s lockout laws to parliamentary bars.

A spokeswoman for Speaker Peter Wellington said he would be raising the issue with the CLA.

The Speaker and the CLA can determine if the parliamentary precinct should be subject to laws passed in the House, including the “last drinks” laws.


Federal Opposition moving to ban animal testing

The Federal Opposition will move to ban animal testing for cosmetics in Australia, a step welcomed by animal welfare advocates.

A Private Members Bill will be introduced to Parliament this week by Labor MP Clare O'Neil, proposing a ban on the importation of products tested on animals.

Labor has called on the Federal Government to support the measure, saying Australia risks being out of step with the European Union and Israel.

Animals Australia spokeswoman Lisa Chalk told the ABC while animal testing for cosmetics did not routinely occur in Australia, many common personal care products from big brands were still developed using animal testing then imported and sold here.


Treasurer gets upper hand on foreign companies

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison will gain new powers over foreign companies thanks to new requirements.

These new requirements will force multinational companies to disclose more details to the Foreign Investment Review Board.

Mr Morrison will gain the power to force foreign companies to sell their Australian assets if they are found to be avoiding tax.


Fiji struggles with storm aftermath

The death toll following the category five storm in Fiji over the weekend has risen to six, with power outages, fallen phone lines, and blocked roads hampering aid efforts.

The UN humanitarian OCHA said 150 homes had been destroyed and 60 more damaged in the Eastern Division, however figures for the other three divisions are yet to be released.

Many cities are still without power or running water, with officials working urgently to assess and address the damage.


Missing radioactive material from Iraq found 

A radioactive material that went missing in Iraq recently has been found dumped near a petrol station intact.

Environment Ministry spokesman Ameer Ali confirmed it had not been damaged and that there were no concerns about radiation from the material.

It had originally been feared that the highly dangerous substance would be used to make a dirty bomb if acquired by Islamic State militants.

The substance had been reportedly stolen in November from a storage facility belonging to US oilfield services company Weatherford.