”Bureaucratic bungle” causes Brisbane refugee to miss out being a candidate for local council elections and more 10am Zedlines

”Bureaucratic bungle” causes Brisbane refugee to miss out being a candidate for local council elections, demand for mental health support for police officers is growing and hundreds of asylum seekers break through Hungary’s border fence. (Image source WikiCommons)

Scarborough Sailor in record attempt to sail the globe the hard way

Newport Cruising Yacht Club Commodore, Bill Hatfield, is halfway through his attempt to become the oldest man to sail around the world West-about, which is believed to be the most difficult direction to sail.

Mr Hatfield who is 77 years old has lived on his boat Katherine Anne at the Scarborough Marina for two years.

The keen sailor originally started his world record attempt from Scarborough but was forced to restart it from Sydney in September last year due to mechanical problems.

”Bureaucratic bungle” causes Brisbane refugee to miss out being a candidate for local council elections

A Congolese refugee has missed out on running as a candidate in the upcoming council elections because of a miscommunication in processing his citizenship application.

Blaise Itabelo of Marsden said he announced he was running last year, organised 200 election signs and door-knocked his area because he thought his citizenship would come through in time to nominate for Logan City Council’s Division 5.

He said he applied to become an Australian citizen in late October, but spent months fighting the bureaucracy to recognise his middle name, Blaise, as his first name. He says first name was too long and difficult to say.

Calls for ban on eyeball tattooing

The New South Wales Opposition is calling for a ban on eyeball tattooing, which has been recently regulated by the Baird government.

Opposition Health Spokesman, Walt Secord, says the procedure has major health risks and the dye could possibly cause cancer or blindness.

Health Minister Jillian Skinner says a ban for eyeball tattooing for cosmetic reasons may be approved and is currently seeking advice on whether the procedure can be undergone for medical purposes and if found not to, she will consider banning it altogether.

Demand for mental health support for police officers is growing

Co-founder of the organisation Blue Hope, Detective Sergeant Andrew Ayres, says demand is growing for its services from police officers.

Detective Sergeant Ayres says that suicide is an endemic to police everywhere and there is a reluctance to seek internal help for mental health issues.

Blue Hope, who recently helped their 177th client, caters to police officers who don’t or can’t seek internal help and aims to raise awareness of police suicide.

Hundreds of asylum seekers break through Hungary’s border fence

More than 500 asylum seekers have been detained for cutting through Hungary’s border fence.

Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, built the steel fence to keep out migrants, most of whom are Middle Eastern.

With weather conditions improving, the number of asylum seekers looking for refuge has increased in the last couple of weeks and the latest number of detained asylum seekers is the highest number since Hungary closed its borders in October.

Greece begins diplomatic talks to reopen Macdeonian borders to Afghan refugees

Greece is working to persuade Macedonia to accept Afghan refugees in a bid to ease the build up of thousands blocked at the country’s border after Macedonia refused to accept refugees.

Greece’s junior minister for immigration Yiannis Mouzalas says diplomatic proceedings are underway and is optimistic the problems plaguing migrant movements can be overcome.

Many Afghans at the border are holding out for the opportunity to move into other countries who will resettle them.