Baby Asha's lawyers blocked from communicating with parents and more 9AM Zedlines

Baby Asha's lawyers are unable to speak to her parents.

Baby Asha’s lawyers blocked from communicating with parents

Lawyers working with the parents of asylum seeker baby Asha say they were blocked from speaking with her parents for three days by the Federal Government’s Border Force unit.

The Human Rights Law Centre were only granted access to the family after they went public about the situation.

Baby Asha was moved to community detention earlier this week with Immigration Minister Peter Dutton vowing to return her and her family to Nauru after medical and legal issues are ironed out.

Local Ballerina's qualify for New York Grand Prix

A TRIO of talented teenagers from Brisbane has made it to the finals of the Youth America Grand Prix ballet competition in New York.

Meghan Hansen, 15, Madison Ayton, 14, and Layla Burgess, 19, are senior elite training students with the Annette Roselli Dance Academy in Wynnum, whose life revolves around dance.

The competition aims to develop world-class dancers of all economic, ethnic and geographic backgrounds.

Abuse survivors to listen to Cardinal George Pell give evidence from Rome hotel room

Survivors of clerical abuse will fly from Ballarat to Rome on the weekend to hear Cardinal George Pell present evidence via video to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Survivors and support staff will be in the same hotel room as the Cardinal, who was not able to fly to Australia due to medical reasons.

A crowd-funded appeal to send the survivors to Rome beat its $55,000 target in one day.   

Changes to media laws see ‘two of three’ and ‘reach rule’ scrapped

The Federal Government has approved a broad suite of changes to Australia’s media laws in a move expected to trigger a wave of mergers.

The two out of three rule preventing media outlets from operating a television, print and radio network in the same market has been scrapped, sparking concern about the future of media diversity across the country.

The reach rule which prevents television broadcasters from reaching more than 75 per cent of the population will also be thrown out, however protections for local media proprietors will be bolstered.

Fiji begins to assess the cleanup after Cyclone Winston

Fijians affected by tropical Cyclone Winston over the weekend are beginning to assess the damage, as the current death toll of 29 is expected to rise as communication begins with the smaller islands.

The Fijian Government is sending boatloads of aid to remote parts of the country with Australian air support to help with the efforts.

Winds of up to 330 kilometres were recorded during the storm which caused 8000 people to take refuge in evacuation centres.

NASA says strange “moon music” recording has been public for years

NASA says that a recording of bizarre whistling sounds heard on the far side on the moon by the Apollo 10 astronauts in 1969 has been public for years.

After the Discovery channel in the US aired a story about the whistling sounds last night, there were reports the recording had just been released, but NASA says it has been available since 1973 in the National Archives.

In the recording, one of the astronauts refers to the whistling sounds as outer-space-type music but has told NASA he now thinks it was likely to be radio interference.

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