Zika virus reported in central Queensland town and more 11AM Zedlines

A man who stayed in a Rockhampton hotel, has reportedly contracted the disease, having recently returned from South America. Source: Wiki Commons.

Zika virus case in central Queensland

A case of the Zika virus has been reported in the central Queensland town of Rockhampton.

A man who recently returned from South America, and stopped at the Globe Hotel in the regional town, has been diagnosed with the infection.

Swamps and stagnant water will be sprayed for mosquitoes, with Acting Chief Health Officer of Queensland Dr Sonja Bennett saying the precaution is a sensible move.

Residents have advised to remove all outdoor containers that hold water, providing mosquitoes with breeding sites.


Cyclist dies in hospital after Goodwill crash

A 46-year-old cyclist has died in hospital this morning from injuries sustained when he crashed into a railing under the Goodwill Bridge two weeks ago.

The man has been in Royal Brisbane Hospital with critical head injuries after paramedics found him early on February 12.

Safety for cyclists has become an issue in the March 19th council elections with ALP and the Greens candidates calling for better separation of cyclists from motor traffic,  and a shift of investment away from roads to bikeways.


Senate voting laws updated

Australia’s proposed election laws have been altered to ensure Senate votes are counted on election night.

Overall, the new legislation aims to end the practice of group voting, which sometimes leads to micro parties gaining Senate seats.

The amendments were presented to parliament after criticism from the ALP and the Greens, with Labor opposing the legislation, while the Greens and independent Nick Xenophon are supporting it.

The legislation will go before the Senate in March, a move which may trigger a double dissolution and general election in July.


Australian ship, Aurora Australis, stranded in Antarctic 

Australian Antarctic Divisions ship, Aurora Australis was torn loose from its moorings at Mawson bay in 141km.hour winds last night.

67 expeditioners and crew aboard the Australis are safe although the blizzard continues to rage around the stranded ship, preventing a detailed examination and assessment.

Crew on board report they are all safe and the ship remains watertight.

The temperature at Mawson bay is currently -5.7 degrees Celsius.


Johnson company to pay $100m after ovarian cancer case

Medical giant Johnson & Johnson have been ordered to pay $72 US million to the family of a Missouri woman whose death from ovarian cancer was linked to the product.

The lawyers for the deceased woman’s family successfully argued that the company failed to warn users of the potential dangers.

In 1999 the American Cancer Society published information advising women of the dangers of using talc-based powders as feminine hygiene products.


Turkish courts agree to hear social media case

In an ongoing campaign to silence critics of Turkish President Recep Erdogan, Turkish courts have agreed to hear a case against Turkish football star and ex Member of Parliament Hakan Sükur.

The most successful striker in Turkish football history faces four years jail for a tweet that allegedly insults the President and his son.

Another sporting hero, climber Nasuh Mahruki, is under ongoing investigation for insulting the President in his regular newspaper column.