Mermaids have been locked out of public pools - And more 9am Zedlines....

Mermaid tails are no longer permitted at Moreton Bay Reginal public swimming facilities, due to the potential risk of drowning, particularly in younger swimmers. (Image Source: Creative Commons)

In local news…

Baby crocodile eggs hatch at Billabong Sanctuary

Dozens of baby saltwater crocodile eggs have hatched at Townsville’s Billabong Sanctuary after 85 days of incubating since being removed from their mother Bonza’s nest.

While some of the baby crocs managed to exit the eggs by themselves, others needed the help of the rangers, who cracked the shell for them which is similar to what crocodile mothers in the wild do.

Rangers at the sanctuary aim for a survival rate of 85% among the eggs and have a legal obligation to collect them after they are laid.

Mermaids have been locked out of public pools.

The ban of swimmable mermaid tails, one of 2015’s most popular Christmas presents comes after warnings from organisations such as Life Saving Queensland, Australian Council for Teaching Swimming and Water Safety and the Australian Consumers’ Association.

The mermaid look is achieved by a monofin shaped like a fish tail, which encases both feet.
The fin is often used with a hip-to-ankle sheath that binds the legs together.

A Moreton Bay Regional Council spokesman said the tails were not permitted at public swimming facilities due to the potential risk of drowning, particularly in younger swimmers.

In national news…

NSW Labor deputy considering federal run

NSW Labor's deputy leader Linda Burney is set to run for the federal southern Sydney seat of Barton. Ms Burney will announce her decision to stand aside from the NSW seat of Canterbury on Tuesday, as per the Australian Associated Press.

Her switch will necessitate a by-election in Canterbury, and also vacate the deputy opposition leader position in NSW Labor.

If successful, Ms Burney will become the first Aboriginal woman in the House of Representatives.
Ms Burney became the first indigenous Australian to serve in the NSW Parliament when she was elected in 2003.

Gay schools program 'social engineering’

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has weighed into the debate over the controversial schools program focused on same-sex issues, describing it as "social engineering”.

The government is reviewing the Safe Schools anti-bullying program following concerns raised by coalition critics, led by Liberal senator Cory Bernardi.

“Mr Abbott has said the program is not an anti-bullying program and its funding should therefore be terminated.

Penny Wong has told the ABC that the extent t to which the hard right will go to perpetuate their views and prejudices are a sight to behold.

In international news…

Thousands starve to death in Syria

UN human rights chief, Prince Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, says that thousands of people in Syria may have starved to death during ongoing sieges.

In the current ceasefire, The UN and its linked organisations will start delivering aid to people in besieged areas which have previously been inaccessible due to violence.
The aid forms part of a large humanitarian aid plan to help 1.7 million people in areas which are hard to access.

Radioactive material stolen in Mexico

An alert has been issued in five Mexican states after a truck carrying radioactive material was stolen.

The country’s interior ministry has warned that the material, which is used in industrial radiography, can be dangerous if not handled safety and could cause serious injury, even if handled for only a few minutes.

If the material is kept within its sealed container, it is not considered dangerous but authorities have asked the public to stay 30 metres away from it if discovered, and notify officials straight away.