Australia's female workers still face "stubborn" pay gap and more 10AM Zedlines

A new study shows that while full-time female employees earn less than male counterparts, measures can be taken to narrow the gap. (Source: Flikr)

Brisbane public transport a key election issue

Public transport is becoming a key issue for the upcoming Brisbane City Council elections.

A local survey in consultation with six public transport stakeholders has shown a cross-river rail system and altered CBD bus routes could potentially ease peak-hour congestion and faltering standards.

Other solutions included spreading peak traffic times and improving bicycle-ways to improve CBD access and cyclist safety.

The Greens, LNP and Labor candidates are all expected to deliver more detailed comments over public transport policy in the coming weeks.


Brisbane's spina bifida community needs new lift

Hundreds of inner-city residents living with spina bifida are relying on public generosity to have a lift installed in their headquarters.

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Queensland has a head office in Dutton Park, but the two-level building does not contain a lift.

Spina bifida refers to a range of birth defects affecting the spinal cord, often affecting mobility in patients.

General Manager Bill Shead says while the organisation could cover half of the $100,000 cost to install a lift, it would need public support to raise the remaining funds.


Gender pay gap in Australia could be narrowed

New research shows the average executive female manager in Australia earns $100,000 less a year than her male counterpart.

Curtin University and the Workplace Gender Equality Agency have released a new report showing that while the gender pay gap for full-time workers is still weighted in favour of men, with women earning on average 82% of a man’s pay.

However, the study also found the gap could be narrowed if the number of women on corporate boards increased.


"Climate change targets can still be met" says CSIRO chief 

Australia’s Chief Scientist Alan Finkel has claimed climate change research targets can still be met despite cuts to funding and support for the CSIRO.

At a speech before the National Press Club in Canberra, Mr Finkel addressed problems facing the scientific community, including barriers to manufacturing medical devices and a serious gender gap in the workforce.

When asked about impending cuts to climate change staff and resources, Mr Finkel confirmed the change would heavily impact some programs, but said he is optimistic about replacing them elsewhere.


IS plays stock market for revenue raising 

The Islamic State is making millions of dollars in revenue by playing the international stock market.

New information shows the group could be making up to $20 million a month by transferring money from looted Mosul banks into legitimate currency in other Middle Eastern markets.

Islamic State’s developments into white collar crime is now thought to be a key source of income, alongside oil smuggling and extortion.


Clinton and Trump pull ahead in Super Tuesday poll

Results polled from Super Tuesday in the US have shown sweeping victories for frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, with each winning seven states of the twelve to vote.

Democratic competitor Bernie Sanders won his home state of Vermont along with three other states, while Republican candidate Ted Cruz won his home state of Texas, as well as two other states.

Although Super Tuesday marks the biggest day in the primaries of the election, further caucusing and and state votes will continue until the election in November.