Coffee companies admit slave labour could be in production line and more 11AM Zedlines

Nestle and Jacob Douwe Egberts hold almost 40% of the global coffee market, and have admitted slave labour may be involved in their plantations. (Source: Freestock photos)

Barrett inquiry told centre "badly handled" closure

A leading Australian adolescent psychiatrist has found the closure of Brisbane’s Barrett Adolescent Centre was incorrectly handled.

Professor Patrick McGorry has told an inquiry the closing of any mental health facility, without adequate transitional support, is an issue that has plagued mental health reform on a global scale.

Professor McGorry says having an appropriate replacement model to move young, mentally-ill people to new or different facilities is incredibly important.


Logan baby safe after held at knifepoint 

A baby who was held hostage by a man at knifepoint from the early hours of this morning has been released unharmed from a Logan home.

The three-week-old girl was snatched by the man after he entered the home, and began a dispute with the woman living at the residence.

Police eventually entered the South Brisbane home, arresting the man and retrieving the girl safely.


Adani accused by own lawyer over fraud, illegal land trade

A company owned by Adani Enterprises has been accused by its own lawyer of fraud, illegal land trading and other illegal activity around a solar project in India.

The allegations come to light following an attempt by Adani to gag lawyer Kabilan Manoharan over alleged attempts at blackmailing the company.

Adani Enterprises also owns Adani Mining Australia, the company profiting from the Carmichael Coal Mine to be built in Queensland.


Plane debris brought to Australia over MH370 possibility 

Debris believed to come from a Boeing 777 has washed up on Mozambique will be brought to Australia to be examined by flight MH370 investigators.

US and Malaysian officials have not confirmed whether or not the wreckage parts could come from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, which disappeared almost two years ago.

International officials say while the debris will be taken to Australia for inspection, undue speculation should be avoided.


EU announces new funding program over migration crisis

The European Union has announced plans to provide member states with 700 million euros over a three year period to help aid the migration crisis.

The plan will be coordinated with the UN and other humanitarian aid agencies, and marks the first time the EU will provide an internal aid program for countries within the European bloc.

EU humanitarian aid commissioner Christos Stylianides said the money would be used to provide help wherever needed and prevent humanitarian suffering.


Coffee companies admit slave labour possibility 

Two of the world’s biggest coffee companies have admitted slave labour may be part of their production methods.

Nestle and Jacobs Douwe Egberts account for thirty-nine percent of the global coffee market, but have admitted they do no not know the names of all the coffee plantations they use in Brazil, and cannot rule out using trafficked labour in their supply line.

Nestle has confirmed the company purchased coffee from two plantations which use forced labour.

The issue was brought to light by Danish research centre Danwatch, who claim human rights abuses are rampant within the Brazilian coffee trade.