Indian honour killing - and other 9am Zedlines:

A woman has been burnt to death by her brothers in a so-called honour killing in India. (Image Source: Flickr Creative Commons)** ** The image used is not the same funeral pyre as the one in the article.

Super Plum:

The Queensland Government looks to earn millions in royalties after a “super plum” developed in the state has sparked growing international interest.

The Queen Garnet Plum, developed by the Queensland Department of Primary Industry and licensed exclusively to Nutrafruit, has high levels of anthocyanins believed to combat the health problems of obesity.

As demand for the plum has seen prices double over that of its standard variety, Nutrafruit’s Hugh Macintosh says the company has received calls from every major stone fruit country in the world.

Barrett Adolescent Centre closure came too soon:

A senior psychiatrist has told the Barrett Adolescent Centre Commission of Inquiry that new services were not made available to patients when the Centre closed in 2014.

Dr Anne Brennan was given four months to find new treatment options for the teenage patients and she admits she had great difficulty placing them.

When the Centre closed it was to be replaced by a suite of community based services, however these services were not ready by the closure date.

Screenrights in court:

The Australian Writer’s Guild have launched a multi-million dollar Federal Court case against Screenrights, the Federal Government authority charged with collecting and distributing royalties for audiovisual work.

Screenrights has been accused of deceptive conduct as writers say approximately $56 million in royalty payments owed to them since its establishment have not yet been received.

Screenrights says it will defend the claims in the Federal Court, with the first court date set for April 5.

Rate rigging investigation targets big banks:

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has confirmed its rate rigging investigation is targeting a number of major banks.

On Friday the Commission confirmed it was taking Federal Court action against ANZ for allegedly manipulating the bank bill swap reference rate, a rate which affects commercial and personal loan rates.

ANZ has rejected the allegations and said it will vigorously defend legal action.

Daily Zaman prints again:

Turkey’s biggest newspaper has printed its first edition since a government seizure removed its editor-in-chief.

Formerly the daily Zaman was critical of the Turkish president and his Justice and Development Party, though Sunday’s edition was far more sympathetic to the government’s cause.

On Friday police used teargas and rubber bullets against protesters gathered in front of the newspaper headquarters after the court ruling seized the paper, though the Turkish government insists it was not involved in the ruling.

Indian honour killing:

A woman has been burnt to death by her brothers in a so-called honour killing in India.

Rama Kunwar had eloped with a man from a different caste system eight years ago and returned to her village on Friday hoping for familial forgiveness.

However, her brothers were still angry and barged in as she was visiting her in-laws, dragging her outside before setting her on fire as villagers watched,

The family conducted the funeral on the same night in a bid to destroy evidence, however Ms Kunwar’s mother-in-law alerted police who doused the funeral pyre in order to collect evidence.

One of her brothers and six other men have been arrested while authorities still search for an unspecified number of suspects.