Childcare union chained to Prime Minister’s office demanding fair pay and more 10am Zedlines

Acmed Medical Centre at Redbank Plains saved thanks to people power, childcare union chained to Prime Minister’s office demanding fair pay, breath of fresh air on the way for world’s biggest polluter and more 10am Zedlines

Oxley Soccer Club continues to dispute council's decision to mow grounds

A  southwest soccer club says Brisbane City Council’s contract to mow its grounds is a waste of time and money, saying cuts weren’t enough to keep the grounds in good condition for matches and training.

The Oxley United Football Club president Michael Bailey says they made the decision to employ their own grass-cutter at a cost of $10,000 per year, and understood the mowing contract with the ­council was worth $16,000.

A Brisbane City Council spokesperson said the council mows all sports fields across the city 20 times each year, but could not give details on how much or whom it paid to cut the grass at the club.

Acmed Medical Centre at Redbank Plains saved thanks to people power

People power and support from Ipswich mayor Paul ­Pisasale has come to the aid of a much-loved medical practice which has been running for 38 years.
Dr Ruban Ratnam sent letters to patients saying the surgery was given one month from February 29 to vacate the Redbank Plains Shopping Village, a decision made by the centre owners following protocol and commercial ­direction advice given by their lawyer.
A loyal patient launched an online petition calling on Cr ­Pisasale to intervene, who then called the owners on Thursday and by Friday, the owners had offered Acmed a new arrangement and the surgery could be in a new location as part of the shopping centre’s upgrade.

Environmental Protection Authority to investigate sludge in Sydney creek

Dead marine life in waterways close to a major construction site in Sydney’s north-west have prompted an investigation into the incident by the Environmental Protection Authority.

Toxic chemicals are not used near the Devlins Creek site, but locals say they have never seen anything resembling the sludge containing dead fish and eels.

The EPA have visited the site twice before and will return again this week to determine the source of the damage.

Childcare union chained to Prime Minister’s office demanding fair pay

Protesters in Sydney have chained themselves to Malcolm Turnbull’s office this morning, demanding better pay for childcare workers.

The mostly female contingent are highlighting their pay packets which barely scrape minimum wage, saying their work would not be so under-valued if the childcare workers were mostly men.

Childcare union United Voice have a case before the national industrial tribunal claiming they are underpaid compared to men with similar qualifications as a result of a pervasive view of childcare being traditional women’s work around the home.

U.S. takes North Korea nuclear threats seriously: State Department

The U.S. State Department said on Monday the United States took North Korean threats to use nuclear weapons seriously and urged Pyongyang to halt its provocations, including testing of nuclear devices and long-range rockets.

North Korean state media says Kim Jong Un last week ordered his country to be prepared to use nuclear weapons at any time, and to be ready to carry out a pre-emptive attack.

His comments came as U.S. and South Korean forces conducted annual military exercises amid heightened tensions on the peninsula following the North's recent nuclear and missile tests, which prompted the United Nations to impose new sanctions on Pyongyang.

Breath of fresh air on the way for world’s biggest polluter

New research suggests China’s carbon dioxide emissions may peak in 2025, five years ahead of past projections.

UK economist Lord Nicholas Stern and Australian researcher Fergus Green made the calculations after looking at the most recent CO2 emissions out of the country, and say the peak could have occurred as early as 2014.

If the projections are correct, China would beat it’s Paris climate commitment to reach peak emissions by 2030.