Campbell's bid for Canberra via Brisbane and more 8AM Zedlines

Former Premier Campbell Newman has not denied interest in the federal seat of Brisbane, leading to speculation of a political comeback. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Campbell Newman in contest for Canberra

Former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has refused to confirm or deny whether he’ll make a bid for the seat of Brisbane in the next federal election.

With the possibility of a double-dissolution election currently slated for early July, Mr Newman has not denied any interest in the seat.

Labor candidate Pat O’Neill said he would ‘relish’ a fight with the former premier, taking issue with the way Mr Newman ‘treated the people of Brisbane’.

Kirsten Lovejoy, candidate for The Greens, said she would enjoy watching the LNP destroy itself in the inner city seat.

Outgoing Liberal MP Teresa Gambaro announced her intention not to recontest yesterday.


Elders call for art centre promise to be upheld

The South Brisbane indigenous community is calling for the revival of a plan to build an indigenous cultural centre at Musgrave Park.

The plan was first suggested by the 1999 Labor government, who allocated $5 million for the proposed indigenous arts centre, but was then scrapped by the LNP Newman government in 2012.

Aboriginal artist Laurie Nilsen says Brisbane is the only capital city without a dedicated indigenous cultural centre, forcing young artists to move interstate.


Alcohol advertising banned from buses 

Researchers say alcohol advertising should be banned from government buses.

A report from the Alcohol Advertising Review Board found alcohol is the leading cause of death and disability among young males aged 15-24 in all regions of the world except the Eastern Mediterranean.

The board says there is a need for strong, independent, legislated controls on all forms of alcohol advertising and promotion in Australia.


Police deny Naru machete attack

Naruan police have refused to acknowledge a machete attack on an Iranian refugee in bed on Saturday night, despite photographs of a 15cm wound across the man’s skull.

Released yesterday, the report said there is “no basis for the complaint” and that it “was made for media purposes only.”

Ian Rintoul of Refugee Action Coalition says the attack “reveals both the real danger and the lack of official protection”, on the island.


China builds international infrastructure bonds 

China will play a greater international role, building trade infrastructure to create regional links with Russia, Pakistan and South East Asian countries, the foreign minister Wang Yi announced yesterday.

He described construction of Chinese military bases on disputed islands and reefs in the South China Sea as 'legitimate self defence', claiming the country will not go down the old path of expansionism.

China is the biggest contributor to peacekeeping forces among the permanent members of the security council Wang Yi claims.


Macedonia closes borders to refugees

Macedonia yesterday sealed its border with Greece blocking thousands of Afghan and Syrian refugees heading to Europe.

Macedonian officials say they are responding to Balkan countries closing their borders in response to Europe closing the doors to the flood of refugees that have arrived in the last twelve months.

On Tuesday, Hungary declared a “national state of emergency” and said it was ready to deploy troops.