Drone restrictions could ease in major cities and more 9am Zedlines

Drone restrictions could ease in major cities. In a move to help accommodate the growing use of drones, pilots will be allowed be allowed to fly in “green zones” without approval. (Source: Flickr)

Defence Force forum on malaria medication use

The Australian Defence Forces top brass have faced former soldiers and their families suffering depression and anxiety after receiving controversial anti-malaria drugs on deployments.

Nearly 2,000 Defence personnel were prescribed a drug commonly known as Lariam between July 2000 and June 2005, a drug known to cause agitation, mood swings, panic attacks, psychosis, and suicidal thoughts.

A forum was recently held in Townsville for sufferers and their families to have their stories heard by those in charge of Australian troops in a bid to create a wider understanding.

New exhibition highlights issues facing Indigenous women

Leeanne Enoch the minister for innovation, science and digital economy has launched a new exhibition which celebrates Indigenous women at the State Library of Queensland.

The exhibition, Black Velvet, aims to build awareness, change and calls for acknowledgement to contemporary issues facing Indigenous women in Queensland and Australia.

Black Velvet is free to view and will be on display until May 29.

Drone restrictions could ease in major cities

In a move to help accommodate the growing use of drones, pilots could be allowed be allowed to fly in “green zones” without approval.

Under the current system drone operators require approval before any unmanned aircraft flying higher than 400 feet.

Three types of zones could be adopted under the new changes where users would only need to inform authorities planned flights instead of requesting permission.

Same-sex marriage plebiscite cost study revealed

A new cost-study shows a stand-alone plebiscite on same-sex marriage would cost the country more than half a billion dollars.

Labor have seized on the “staggering cost” and have urged parliament to do its job and legislate for change immediately.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten said he believes this is the price Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is willing to make Australian’s pay for the deal with conservatives in his party to become Prime Minister.

Medical privacy law change to avoid crash repeat

France’s Air Accident investigators are recommending that European medical privacy laws be changed to avoid a repeat of last year’s Germanwings plane crash.

The French Land Transport Investigation Bureau (BEA) report recommends world aviation authorities require doctors tell when a patient’s medical condition could affect public safety

BEA found Germanwings co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz was being treated by several doctors in the weeks before the March 2015 crash that killed 150 people.

ABC Four Corners team detained in Malaysia

An ABC Four Corners team has been detained in Malaysia after attempting to question Prime Minister Najib Razak over a multi-billion dollar corruption scandal now threatening his government.

The arrest comes within days of the US State Department and UN Human Rights Council separately expressing concerns over a crackdown on media and free speech in Malaysia under Najib.

It is understood the Four Corners reporters were arrested late Saturday night after they tried to put questions to the embattled Prime Minister as he campaigned with local politicians ahead of the state election.