ABC reporters escape charges in Malaysia, and more 9am Zedlines

Local member quits days before city council elections, ABC reporters escape charges in Malaysia, Migrants drown at Greek-Macedonian border, and more 9am Zedlines. (Image source: The Kremlin).

Upgrade of adult facilities at Caboolture Hospital

Caboolture Hospital will soon have an extra 32 beds, with a 13 million dollar upgrade currently underway, in an effort to reduce ambulance queues by freeing up space in the Emergency Department.

Expecting to be completed by early 2017, the new adult inpatient ward will cover a number of specialties, including coronary and cardiac care as well as general medicine.

The funding will also see kitchen facilities modernised, upgrades to lifts, and the relocation of IT and administrative services to suit an additional 2500 adult patients every year.

Local member quits days before city council elections

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk’s campaign has hit a roadblock days ahead of Brisbane City Council elections, with the resignation of one candidate.

Ashley Higgins, the Liberal National Party Candidate for Tennyson, has been wiped from the LNP’s campaign, but will still appear on Saturday’s ballot paper.

Mr Higgins quit on Monday, but has not yet made a comment on his resignation.

ABC reporters escape charges in Malaysia

An ABC journalist and cameraman have escaped charges following an incident with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Linton Besser and Louie Eroglu from ABC’s Four Corners had questioned Mr. Razak over the weekend about a corruption scandal, and police say they crossed a security marker.

Last night the pair were told they could be charged with obstructing a public servant, a two year prison sentence, but three hours later they were cleared of charges.

Tasmanian man stripped of Order of Australia

An Order of Australia medal has been stripped from a Tasmanian man, convicted of assaulting a girl.

Desmond John Jarvis was awarded in 2004 for his services to sporting, church and community, but in 2014 he served six weeks in prison for an indecent assault on a schoolgirl.

Child advocacy group, Bravehearts, say it is the right decision, and that victims need to know their attackers are not being made out as pillars of society.

Joint Russian-European mission to Mars in search of life

A Proton rocket carrying the Trace Gas Orbiter to examine Mars' atmosphere and a module that will conduct a test landing on its surface, launched into an overcast sky from a Russian-operated cosmodrome on Monday.

A joint European-Russian mission aiming to search for traces of life on Mars starts a seven-month un-manned space journey to the Red Planet.

One key goal of the Trace Gas Orbiter is to analyse methane, a gas which on Earth is created in large part by living microbes, traces of which were observed by previous Mars missions.

Migrants drown at Greek-Macedonian border

According to Macedonian police three migrants have drowned while trying to cross a river near the Greek border.

Yesterday hundreds of asylum seekers from Greek, Syria and Iraq were blocked trying to enter Macedonia but after they crossed the river security officers sent them back to their home countries in trucks.

Since early 2015 more than a million people fleeing war and come to the EU to find a better life.