Fires ravage Western Australian town and more 8am Zedlines

Aboriginal activists prepared to fight over Gympie highway upgrade, fires ravage Western Australian town, Putin pulls out of Syria and more 8am Zedlines (image source: Wikipedia)

Aboriginal activists prepared to fight over Gympie highway upgrade

Aboriginal activists are prepared to fight for their land claim to an area known as the Gympie Pyramid, saying plans to bulldoze the site for a Bruce Highway upgrade breach conventions on cultural genocide.

Kabi Kabi man Wit-booker says artefacts at the site, including grinding stones, are evidence of Indigenous presence in the area and provide a strong link to Aboriginal history.

The Southside resident, who is also known as Gary Tom-lin-son, says he will campaign against the authorities to preserve the area, which he claims is “vital” to the wellbeing of his people and the preservation of their culture.

Queensland Government proposes to tighten up land clearing laws

The Palaszcuk Government is set to propose restrictions on Queensland’s vegetation management laws later this week.

The proposal follows the most recent Stateside Landcover and Tree Study which reported three times as much vegetation was cleared in 2013 and 2014 than in the 2010 study.

The LNP declares it will not support any changes to the current legislation despite growing support for action from environmentalists.

Federal Government accused of bias against Indigenous body

The Greens have accused the Australian government of bias against a national Indigenous body.

Malcolm Turnbull has not met personally with the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, despite a request being made five months ago.

Greens Indigenous Affairs spokeswoman Rachel Siewert says Mr. Turnbull needs to show some leadership on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues.

Fires ravage Western Australian town

Western Australian firefighters have worked overnight to tackle an "out-of control" bushfire in Meelon, south of Perth.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services WA says there is a threat to lives and homes.

The fire front is over 19 kilometres long, and has already burnt over 1200 hectares of land.

Putin pulls out of Syria

At a Kremlin meeting on Monday, Russian president Vladimir Putin has decided to withdraw from Syria in order to reach a political settlement, saying the task put before the defense ministry and Russian armed forces has been fulfilled.

Putin says Moscow would keep a military presence in Latakia province, from which Russia has launched most of its air strikes.

The Russian leader did not give a deadline for the completion of the withdrawal.

Turkey responds to Ankara car bombing with air strikes in Iraq

The Turkish military have hit back at Kurdish militants they claim are responsible for a car-bomb in the capital Ankara over the weekend, which left 37 people dead.

Warplanes have struck a region in northern Iraq where the alleged perpetrators from the Kurdistan Workers Party are based.

No one has officially claimed responsibility for the attack, however Turkish officials believe the attackers behind Sunday’s bombing were from the outlawed group.