Coolangatta Airport Revamp ready to start, and more 10am zedlines

Coolangatta Airport Revamp ready to start, Two arrested in Sydney by counter-terrorism police, and Governor-General announced for New Zealand, plus more 10am zedlines.

Mosquito-control teams spray Bowen after Zika virus scare

Mosquito-control teams are disinfecting Bowen after a resident has returned from Tonga infected with the Zika virus.

Residents of Bowen have been urged to spray areas where the Aedis Aegypti mosquito is found.

Townsville Public Health Unit director Steve Donohue says that mosquitoes have already been found by disease-inspection teams.

The resident returned from Tonga is in Townsville Hospital and is in a stable condition, she has a low risk of infecting others as she was only home a few days.


Coolangatta Airport Revamp ready to start

Preparations for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games are under way with construction about to start on a three storey International Airport.

The 300 million dollar upgrade boasts four new aerobridges which will prepare the terminal for guests and athletes expected to arrive for the games in 2018.

Brisbane and Gold Coast terminals are vital in making the arrival and departure experience of a high calibre for the guests.

The first stage of the upgrade will allow for more space for at least three wide bodied aircraft.

With the upgrade commencing very shortly it will create around 230 full-time jobs and a further 180 future construction operations at the Gold Coast Airport.


Two arrested in Sydney by counter-terrorism police

A twenty year old man and sixteen year old girl have been arrested by counter-terrorism police as part of the ongoing Operation Appleby.

The pair are suspected of obtaining and sending money overseas to aid Islamic State in its’ terrorist activities.

New South Wales Police and the Australian Federal Police held a press conference saying the man was an original member of Operation Appleby and is now the 14th person the police have.

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn says police anticipate charging the pair later today. If found guilty, the pair could face up to 25 years in prison.


New affordable technology to aid in treatment of prostate cancer

Australian researchers have developed new software that will aid in the treatment of thousands of men with prostate cancer.

The affordable new technology, Kilovoltage Intrafraction Monitoring, is able to determine the exact location of cancer in the prostate in real time, making treatment more accurate and therefore effective with potential to cut the amount of radiotherapy sessions required by a patient.

The alternative software will replace the existing technology that comes with a $5 million price tag, and with clinical trials set to start soon, there is hope the software will be able to help in the treatment of hundreds of thousands of men worldwide.


World's largest aircraft unveiled

The Airlander 10, the world's longest aircraft at over 90 meters, has been unveiled by Hybrid Air Vehicles in Cardington, England.

The aircraft has the ability to take off and land vertically making it suitable for most terrain and can stay airborne for up to 2 weeks.

Hybrid Air Vehicles says The Airlander 10 will be used for purposes such as delivering aid, military use, carrying cargo and leisure use for 48 passengers.

200 hours of test flights will be completed later this year before potential customers will be able to see demonstrations. Hybrid Air Vehicles is aiming to build 18 new aircraft every year by 2018.


Governor-General announced for New Zealand

New Zealand announces lawyer Dame Patsy Reddy as its new Governor-General at a press conference at the Beehive in Wellington earlier this morning.

Reddy, who is the twenty-first Governor-General and the third woman to be appointed to the position, will begin her term on September 14th succeeding Sir Jerry Mateparae’s five year post.

Prime Minister John Keys says New Zealand is continuing its history of gender equality by sending a strong message about valuing women in leadership.

The country was the first to grant women the right to vote in 1893.