International travellers affected with Border Force strike, and more 9am Zedlines

Second sulphuric acid spill in north-west Queensland after truck rolls, International travellers affected with Border Force strike, and Turkish President lashes out at EU, plus more 9am Zedlines.

Second sulphuric acid spill in north-west Queensland after truck rolls.

A truck carrying three tanks of sulphuric acid rolled in north-west Queensland yesterday afternoon, with one carriage spilling its contents.

The accident is the second sulphuric acid spill in the area since December, when a train derailed spilling nearly 80 thousand litres of the liquid.

A 10 kilometre exclusion zone has been set up around the area.

Dinosaur museum open in outback town

Twelve years after the first dinosaur discovery in south-west Queensland, the Eromanga Natural History Museum is open for the first time.

Daily tours began on Monday at the $800 000 facility, located in the town 1,000 kilometres west of Brisbane.

The museum will tell the story of Australia’s dinosaurs and megafauna.

The museum expects to be busy and to learn a lot quickly in the next few months.

Queen of the Desert Festival postponed

Queen of the Desert Festival has been postponed as flooding rains persist in South Australia.

The four day event showcasing the Australian Film Industry, was set to kick off March 23rd at the Marree Hotel in the north of the state.

The festival, inspired by the popular film of the same name, raises money and awareness for the Blue September foundation, an organisation supporting research into cancers that mostly affect men.

Event organisers announced the postponement on Facebook with the festival now expected to take place in August later this year.

International travellers affected with Border Force strike

Border force employees will stop work for several hours at small airports today, as part of the national public servant strike.

Nadine Flood from The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) says small airports will be affected today, while the major airports in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will be on strike for 24 hours on Thursday.

CPSU also says Border Force workers will lose thousands of dollars every year if the Federal Government implements the proposed cuts.

Public Service Minister Michaelia Cash criticises the cuts as counterproductive, and says the CPSU should consider negotiating with the Department of Human Services.

Apple unveils new products

Apple has unveiled it’s newest iPhone and iPad, with smaller screen sizes and lower prices.

The new iPhone SE is to replace the 5S, and is aimed at first-time Apple buyers and those who want to upgrade from the 5S and 5C.

The new iPad Pro will be smaller than the original model, but will have the same hardware, camera and speaker array.

Apple will take orders from Thursday, with deliveries set for March 31.

Turkish President lashes out at EU

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has hit back at the European Union for their criticism on human rights and media freedoms in his country, accusing his E-U counterparts of being insincere in their pledge to help fight terrorism.

Erdogan’s administration has clamped down on dissent, taking over a number of mainstream media outlets and vowing to wipe out Twitter, as it struggles to combat violence at home.

Over the past eight months, Turkey has been rocked by six bombings in major cities, leaving more than two hundred people dead.