Gold Coast’ Dreamworld to take part in bilby preservation- And other 11am Zedlines

Within eighteen months the bilby population around the Currawinya Wildlife Reserve was reported to have dropped by two hundred.

Queensland to create new opportunities for refugees

Queensland is set to take part in the Commonwealth’s ‘Safe Haven Enterprise Visa’ scheme, opening all of Queensland's regions to eligible refugees. This definition includes people who have arrived in Australia illegally and have demonstrated an intention to work or study in Australia.

Multicultural Afairs Minister Grace Grace cannot provide exact numbers, but expresses the decision as a win for eligible asylum seekers and for Queensland’s understaffed rural areas.

Acceptance into the ‘safe haven’ visa scheme marks an important step towards permanent residency for refugees.


Pressure For Queensland to Increase Criminal age to 18

The Queensland Government is under pressure to raise the age of criminal responsibility to 18.   

Under current Queensland legislation, 16 is the cut off for the Juvenile Justice Act. Meaning that offenders aged 17 are sentenced to adult prisons rather than youth detention.

When the law was first passed in 1992 the Goss Labor Government promised to eventually shift 17 year olds into the youth justice system.  Today Queensland is the only state to include under 18’s in the adult criminal justice system.

There are estimated to be over 50 teenagers incarcerated in adult prisons because of this law.


Gold Coast’ Dreamworld to take part in bilby preservation

In the wake of Cyclone Oswald protective fences around the Currawinya Wildlife Reserve suffered damage, allowing feral cats to enter and attack the resident bilby population.

Within eighteen months the population was reported to have dropped by two hundred with only four hundred animals remaining.

This sparked response from the local theme park Dreamworld which announced the launch of a new breeding program designed to bolster the population of the endangered species. The state government also set aside seven hundred thousand dollars dedicated to rebuilding the damaged fences to prevent further losses.

Save The Bilby Fund spokesman Al Mundi urges Easter shoppers to support efforts by buying chocolate bilbys.


CPSU Airport Security Strike Postponed

The public sector union has postponed a planned airstrike at Australian airports amid heightened security concerns ahead of Easter.

The community and public sector union had planned a twenty four hour mass stoppage at all airports on Thursday, however, recently announced that they will not go ahead with it.

The planned airstrike by Australian Border force and airport security workers was postponed due to rising fears in the wake of the Brussels attacks.

Adopting a Vegetarian or Vegan diet not only saves the planet, but human lives.

An Oxford University study has found vegan or vegetarian diets could save millions of lives and drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the research conducted as part of the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food, reducing meat consumption will avoid extensive costs and reduce emissions linked to climate change and healthcare.

Lead author of the study, Dr Marco Springmann, says diets low in fruits or vegetables and high in red meat are responsible for some of the greatest global health issues.


Australian Blogger raises funds to build home for abused girls

Australian Blogger Constance Hall has helped raise over one hundred thousand dollars to build a home for sexually abused girls in Kenya.

The popular lifestyle blogger urged her more than half-a-million followers to donate to the charity, Rafiki Mwema.

The charity helps sexually abused girls in Kenya and were seventy-five thousand dollars short when Hall was contacted by a volunteer about their fundraising. Hall then reached out to her followers for help.

Within 24 hours of her social media post, Hall’s supporters had delivered the seventy-five thousand dollars needed and more.