Japanese researchers still killing whales despite UN ruling and more 9am Zedlines

A Japanese research team have announced they killed 333 Minki Whales, most of which were pregnant females. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Memory Awards uncovering Queensland's heritage

The Queensland State Library is encouraging people to apply to its Queensland Memory Awards.

CEO and State Librarian, Sonia Cooper, says the awards help further uncover Queensland’s rich, diverse and vibrant heritage.

The awards collectively offer one hundred thousand dollars in grants.

Early Childhood Development Program axing delayed

An Education program for Queensland’s youngest students with a disability has had a decision to close the program delayed by a year amidst pressure from concerned parents.

Early Childhood Development Programs operating on school sites currently provide support to children aged up to five years who have been diagnosed with a disability.

With the support of Shadow Education Minister Tim Mander calls are being made to push the Labor government to rethink their plans to axe the program.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art on display in Monaco

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists are jet-setting across the globe to display their talents in Monaco.

The display, titled The Australia: Defending the Oceans, At The Heart of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Art is part of the larger Taba Naba — Australia, Oceania, Arts of the Sea People exhibition at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.

Overall the display contains six installations across three floors of the museum, including a stencil floor project on the roof.

Taxi industry to adopt new digital experience

The taxi industry is looking to adopt groundbreaking technology to ensure safer travels.

The new CabFare app promises an ‘Uber-like’ digital experience with mobile payment options as well as added safety and privacy for taxi passengers.

CEO, Arthur Argyropoulos, says the development is important because most taxi journeys are hailed from the street, a practice users believe makes cabs less reliable and convenient.

Greek police clash with migrants seeking Macedonia

Hundreds of migrants are staging a protest at the Greek border with Macedonia, as they cling to hopes of making it to other European countries.

Greek police formed a line to prevent the protesters from moving to the fence that separates the camp from Macedonia, with protesters singing songs of peace and holding signs pleading for help.

Around 50, 000 migrants and refugees remain trapped in Greece after border closures by countries along the Balkan route prevented them from seeking refuge in other European countries.

Japanese researchers still killing whales despite UN ruling

A Japanese research team have announced they killed 333 Minki Whales, most of which were pregnant females.

The Institute for Cetacean Research report says their four ship fleet killed 230 female whales, 90.5 per cent of which were pregnant.

Despite the United Nation’s rule banning Japanese Whaling in 2014, some loopholes still allow whaling in name of scientific research.