Pro-choice activists call on government to legalise abortion and more Zedlines...

Women’s Rights groups and supporters took to the streets to demand abortion becomes legal, ahead of an important ruling on the matter. (Image source: N. Keramos)

Approximately 300 protesters rallied outside parliament last night, calling on the parliamentary committee to allow a private members bill on abortion to reach parliament.

Independent MP Rob Pyne said his bill is designed to remove abortion from the criminal code and regulate it under the Health Act, so women can control their health needs.

The committee report will be handed down today.


Recreational fishers urge government to recall imported prawns

Recreational fishers urged the government to recall all imported prawns from retail outlets.

Fishing lobby group Sunfish Queensland have accused the Queensland government of failing in its duty of care by continuing the sale of contaminated imported prawns to be used as bait.

More than half of the imported product tested was contaminated with white spot disease.

Sunfish Queensland are also worried about the lack of awareness in the fishing community about the dangers of spreading white spot and its impact on the environment and the aquaculture industry.


3D technology digs up dinosaur you can touch

Scientists and volunteer dinosaur enthusiasts have taken part in a paleontological dig in Victoria, using 3D technology to create a virtual dinosaur you can touch.

The team have been looking for fossils in what used to be the Gondwanan riverbed, working in conjunction with students from Deakin University, who are using 3D and virtual reality technology to capture the paleontological dig, known as Eric the Red West.

Once completed, their work will be displayed at Geelong’s National Wool Museum, with visitors being provided a virtual reality headset to experience the dinosaur dig and touch a tactile 3D printed dinosaur.


Smartphone X-ray images as helpful as standard films

A study by the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne found a photo of an X-ray taken on a smartphone was just as accurate in diagnosing a medical condition as a standard film X-ray.

The results of the study suggested a diagnosis can be done far more quickly with the same precision by using smartphone images that can be sent to specialists more swiftly for advising, said consultant neonatologist Marta Thio.

The study compared smartphone images and then films of X-ray of babies suffering with collapsed lungs, with the doctors accurately able to diagnose the condition on both, albeit a slightly higher rate of correctly identifying on the former.


‘Copy-Cat’ white supremacist allegedly planned shooting

A white supremacist with prior criminal convictions has been arrested in South Carolina following allegations of a planned attack inspired by Charleston Church shooter Dylan Roof.

Benjamin McDowell was arrested after buying a .40-caliber gun off an undercover FBI agent and is being held on the charge of possession of a firearm.

McDowell had been imprisoned in the past on burglary charges and became known to authorities after he threatened a synagogue on facebook in December.


Spanish woman gives birth to twins at 64

A woman in Spain has given birth to twins at the age of 64.

This is the woman’s second successful birth at an advanced age, who first became a mother at 58.

The woman became pregnant again after seeking IVF treatment in the US and gave birth to a healthy boy and a girl.

While the Spanish fertility society discourages treatments for women over 50, pregnancy in this age group is becoming more frequent in Spain, and across the world.