Everton Hills residents in need of public transport and more zedlines

Residents of North Brisbane suburb Everton Hills are calling for better bus services in their area. Image Source: Wikimedia/wikicats

An online petition is underway on the Queensland Parliament website, for those in Henderson, Bunya, Buckland and Bennetts Roads and Chinook Street .

The e-petition calls on the state Government to ensure adequate public transport in the outer-city suburbs as well as inner.


Art as emotional and physical therapy

Rockhampton health and wellness professionals are blazing a trail for fine art as remedy.

In a free-to-the-public conference on the 22nd, University of Queensland Associate Professor David Shaker will discuss the extent to which art works, installations and workshops can improve the health of people with mental or physical illnesses.

Professor Shaker said he hopes the conference with spark public debate about using art to connect with people and their personal issues.


Tassie locals oppose new tourist development

North-west Tasmanian locals say new tourist developments threaten the environment.

Due to an increased demand in tourist accommodation, a $7 million resort and caravan park has been proposed to the Boat Harbour council.

However, many locals in the town and surrounding others like Stanley and Table Cape say they are very concerned for potential damage to and complete removal of native flora and fauna within the area.


A step towards improving Australian trans health care

The Australian trans health care scene is slowly changing by the efforts of one doctor.

Gold Coast doctor Stuart Aitken, among a few transgender health care experts in Queensland is all set to appear on a sexual health panel by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) in Sydney to address the issues with current trans health care system.

He has criticised the Safe Schools Coalition’s anti-bullying program, saying the important issues are not being addressed and a clear guideline for health experts would improve the system significantly.

RACP’s quarterly magazine will publish an article on how to properly deal with young transgender people and their issues.


Tim Farron slams MPs opposing hard Brexit

The leader of the Liberal Democrats has called upon Conservative Party MPs who oppose a hard Brexit to resign or defect.

Despite being reduced to nine MPs in 2015 after forming a coalition governing with the Conservative party, Leader Tim Farron aims to replace Labour as the main opposition party.

Mr Farron made his appeal to moderates in government, saying the Conservative Party has been taken over by anti-free trade, anti-immigrant zealots and asking whether Theresa May is leader or captive of her party.


US-based cleric cleared of Turkish coup allegations

Germany’s foreign intelligence agency, BND, concludes US-based cleric not behind abortive Turkish coup attempt.

The Turkish government accused the exiled Fethullah Gulen of inciting the failed coup in July last year, however BND head Bruno Kahl said they remain unconvinced by the evidence presented.

Kahl also said he does not believe the Turkish government was behind the coup, arguing elements of the military had seen purges in other departments and decided to preemptively remove the government from power.