High-thrust rocket test by North Korea and more zedlines.

New high-thrust rocket engine test undertaken by North Korea. Image Source: Wikimedia/Sungwon Baik

The Korean Central News Agency reported the test was to confirm the prototypes reliability and structural safety, and the new engine will be used in country’s peaceful space programme.

The test coincides with US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is touring Asia primarily discussing concerns over how to deal with North Korea’s nuclear initiative.

US officials remain skeptical that the space programme is solely for peaceful use.


Support for Toowoomba high school for World Science Festival

A Toowoomba high school has received support from the Queensland Government to house a science and mathematics hub.

Centenary Heights State School will provide a technology hub for students to test and explore new ideas, during the World Science Festival in Brisbane.

Innovation Minister Leanne Enoch said the hub will receive $17,000 from the Advance Queensland Engaging Science Grant program, in an effort to encourage the science entrepreneurs of Australia’s future.


A QLD high school principal to run for parliament

A Brisbane school principal has been chosen to run for parliament next election.

Corrine McMillan is the principal of Cavendish Road State High School and has been endorsed unopposed for the position of Labour member in Mansfield.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said she is excited by the prospect of Ms. McMillan entering politics, and hopes her passion for education will be a source of direction in the next election.


Political differences cause funding cease for WA

The Premier for Western Australia is in a desperate discussion with the Prime Minister following a halt in promised funding.

After the Labor party rose to power in the last state election, Premier Mark McGowan said the funding and building of Perth’s Freight Link ceased.

McGowan is now in discussion with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to continue the funding, despite their political differences.


From 200 to 20

Following an e-petition by a NSW teen, the government has decided to cut down car parking costs at public hospitals.

14 year old Sydney resident, Gidon Goodman garnered more than $70,000 signatures for his e-petition to reduce car parking charges at public hospitals.

Goodman suffers from a rare blood disorder and owing to frequent hospital visits for blood transfusions, he worried that the relatives of the sick will not visit them due to high parking costs.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian praised the boy’s efforts and has announced that instead of $200 per week, the car parking charges will be $20 at all NSW hospitals.


Thousands rally against police brutality in France

Protesters in Paris took to the streets in huge numbers to march against police violence.

Thousands of people rallied in Paris protesting the police brutality, especially against black people and other minority groups.

The demonstrators were tear gassed by the authorities, with the protests being sparked by the alleged rape of a young black man named Theo, by the police in February.

In the past few years, the French police has been accused of assault and fatal violence against a rising number of people of African or Caribbean ethnicity.