Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild stitching for a good cause and more Zedlines

The Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild is quilting for a cause donating quilts to domestic violence women's shelters. (Image:Flickr)

The group has set up stall at the four day expo intocraft LIVE at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre this week where they will sell raffle tickets to fund the charitable quilt making.

The group donated around 30 quilts last year, a number they hope to match in 2017.

Stay-at-home dad turn Miami film fest winner
A stay at home dad has left his name in lights after winning big at the prestigious Miami film festival.

Iain Fulton, a Toowoomba local and recent creative media graduate, not only had his final university film selected to be screened at the 3rd Annual Film and Music Video Festival in Miami, but has also taken out top place for best visual effects.

The film, Velvet Underground is a crime drama set in America during the late 80’s.

Mr Fulton says his next project will be a western set to film later this year.

Bernardi backs watering down of 18C

Crossbench senator Cory Bernardi has, unsurprisingly, welcomed moves by the Cabinet to reform the country’s race laws.

Pursuant to 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act it is illegal to “insult, offend, humiliate and intimidate a person on the basis of their race”.

It is understood the Cabinet has agreed to remove the words “insult, offend and humiliate” and replace them with the word “harass”.

Senator Bernardi was one of the backbench agitators for change when he was a Liberal politician, even tabling bills to amend the Act.

Self-reliant men more likely to have thoughts of self-harm and suicide
A national study has discovered men who identify as self-reliant are more likely to have thoughts of self-harm and suicide than those who identify with other traits which are perceived as traditionally male.

The study, lead by Professor Jane Pirkis the director of the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Mental Health, collected data from nearly 14,00 Australian men who identified themselves as being self-reliant are significantly more likely to report thoughts of suicide and self harm.

Professor Pirkis says this research reinforces the need for health services to better engage with men as they are less likely to seek help compared to their female counterparts.

US supports Iraq

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi says he has been reassured by US President Donald Trump that he will receive support in his fight against ISIL.

The country leaders met at the White House on Monday on the 14th anniversary of the US invasion, to discuss Iraq’s fight against ISIL, criticising the decision made to pull combat fighters out of Iraq.

Moving forward the US are set to accelerate military support for Iraq to accomplish the defeat.

North Korea says it’s not afraid of US military action
North Korea said it is not frightened by US threats of possible pre-emptive military action to halt its nuclear and missile program.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson recently visited Japan, South Korea and China on a trip that focused on North Korea’s nuclear program.

On Friday, he signaled a tough strategy that left open the possibility of pre-emptive military action.

Pyongyang has reacted with disdain, a spokesman for North Korea’s Foreign Ministry slamming Tillerson’s recent talk of higher sanctions, more pressure and possible military action.