Pigs bring home the bacon and more Zedlines

Eight little pigs ran all the way to the finish line raising $8000 for the RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter service at the seventh annual Sandy Creek Pig Races. (Image: Food 4 Your Mood)

The event held near Warwick on Saturday attracted hundreds of Darling Down locals making the race one of the most successful fundraisers for the charity in the region.

Last calendar year, the Toowoomba RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter completed 587 missions, including 458 inter-hospital transfers, four neonatal transfers, 121 airlifts from the scene of an accident or incident and four search and rescues, in a service worth over $7.3 million to the region.

Brisbane to keep character

The Brisbane council are set to protect 3500 homes, abandoning plans to strip character protection from parts of the city in order to maintain the historic Brisbane persona.

If passed, the new plan will see 5998 properties placed in a character residential zone 3555 more than the original strategy proposed.

The draft neighbourhood plan will be reviewed by the Queensland government ahead of a public notification and submissions period expected later in 2017.

Pauline Hanson takes aim at SBS
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says multicultural broadcaster SBS should be privatised, declaring “we don’t need it”.

Hanson denounced public broadcasters SBS and ABC for their “leftist attitude” demanding the privatisation of SBS and an overhaul of ABC to save costs.

This comes after an ABC news team was excluded from One Nation’s election night function in Perth last week which the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance called an attack on press freedom.

Home doctors service could face cuts come May
There are fears that hospitals may have to pick up the slack of out of hour doctor services if rumoured cuts go ahead.

As the May federal budget looms, after-hour doctors fear cuts to their services may mean hospitals will face an influx of patients who may not need urgent care, however Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt would not confirm the rumoured cuts.

The home doctors service has grown rapidly in the past years, with an estimated number of 2 million Australian families using the services annually.

Le Pen under attack in first presidential debate

Marine Le Pen’s hardline stance on security and Islam came under attack from her fellow presidential candidates in a crucial TV debate overnight, one month before the country goes to the polls.

Centarist Emmanuel Macron accused the far-right leader of trying to divide the French over the full-body Islamic swimsuit.

Francois Fillon of the right dismissed Le Pen’s proposals to create space for 40,000 more prisoners as unrealistic… while Socialist candidate Benois Hamon disputed her remarks on safety in public schools, which she portrayed as wracked by violence.

A total of 11 candidates, spanning the political spectrum are running in the election which will culminate in a second-round duel on May 7 between the two top vote-getters.

Yellow Fever Outbreak in Brazil
Brazil is currently working to control a recent outbreak of yellow fever across the country’s South East.

The World Health Organisation is urging travellers visiting rural areas within Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to get the yellow fever vaccine before visiting the cities.

The virus so far has killed 137 people since December last year, as scientists are trying to figure out why yellow fever has returned to a country that had eradicated the disease.

Since the outbreak last year 424 cases of the disease have been confirmed while 933 are currently under investigation, this is compared with the 15 confirmed cases in the two years prior.