Daintree Residents Warned of Flesh-eating Bacteria and more Zedlines...

(Wikimedia) Flesh-eating bacteria has been identified in the Daintree forest, with residents urged to take precautions when venturing in the area.

The Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service has confirmed a resident in the area had  been infected with Daintree Ulcer, which can leave victims disfigured.

Cairns vascular surgeon Dr Christina Steffen said the bacteria is one of the worst cases of Daintree Ulcer she has treated over the decades and urges people to wash their skin and “wear protective clothing as much as they can.”

Brisbane artist finds peace amid WW1 Centenary

Brisbane artist Amanda Penrose Hart has won the Gallipoli Art Prize with a painting inspired by Australian soldiers at Anzac Cove.  

The prize recognises works reflecting upon themes of loyalty, respect, love of country, courage and comradeship, in relation to any armed conflict in which Australia has been involved since 1915.

2017 marks the centenary of World War I, as well as the 75th anniversary of the Tobruk and New Guinea Campaigns of World War II.

Preventing Milk Going Off Could Link to Curing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease

It has been discovered if scientists can prevent milk from going off this will give them a better understanding in preventing alzheimer's, parkinson's disease and type 2 diabetes.

Professor John Carver from the Australian National University said research has shown the same type of protein clusters found in off milk is found in plaque deposits that form on the brain to cause age related diseases and type 2 diabetes.

He confirms that drinking ultra high temperature (UHT) milk in no way a cause for age-related diseases.

Palaszczuk has concerns over axing 457 visas

Annastacia Palaszczuk has concerns over Turnbull axing the 457 visa, saying regional hospitals rely on foreign doctors.

The premier says while she’d prefer to see Queenslanders work Queensland jobs, the training resources aren’t up to scratch

She says it’s important that we do still let specialised visas for them to come and work in those communities.

Syrian parents search for missing children

Dozens of Syrian parents are searching for missing children after last weekend’s bomb attack on a convoy of buses near Aleppo.

More than one hundred people including sixty-eight children were killed in the attack.

Children were taken for treatment in areas they were not meant to enter, causing confusion and heartbreak for the parents.

Theresa May really doesn’t want to be Prime Minister

British parliamentarians have overwhelmingly supported Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to call for a snap election in the United Kingdom.

The House of Commons voted five hundred and twenty-two (522) to thirteen (13) in support of holding a general election on June 8.

The decision for an early election has shocked the UK as May has previously repeatedly stated she would not be holding an election until its schedule in 2020.