Senate Inquiry into Centrelink Debt Program and other Zedlines...

The final hearing of a senate inquiry into Centrelink’s Automated Debt Program will take place today in Canberra. (Image: Wikipedia)

The inquiry comes after more than two hundred thousand individuals have received false debt recovery letters, making one in five of the notices inaccurate.

Anglicare Australia, who are attending the hearing today, say that Centrelink is creating fear among citizens when it is the agency responsible for assisting those most in need.


Fairfax Spends Half a Billion on Redundancies

Fairfax Media have spent half a billion dollars on redundancies in the past nine years, a senate inquiry has found.

The inquiry into the future of Australian journalism is investigating public interest in journalism, the impact of social media news and the subsequent growth of ‘fake news’.

Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance union Chief Executive Paul Murphy says the journalism industry is at a crossroads, with more than two thousand five hundred jobs cut in the past six years.


Five Hundred and Thirty-Three Central Queenslanders helped by Palaszczuk’s Back to Work Program

The Palaszczuk Government’s one hundred million dollar Back to Work regional jobs program has put five hundred and fifty-three central Queensland job seekers back to work.

Employment Minister Grace Grace said the Back to Work program provides employers payments for hiring short term and long term term unemployed workers, and young job seekers.

She says so far the program has supported one thousand eight hundred and ninety-three employers to hire three thousand four hundred and seventy-one workers in regional Queensland.


More floods expected for northern Queensland

Northern Queensland communities are preparing to be a hit by more floods  this weekend.

More than a month’s usual amount of rain is set to fall along the eastern seaboard between now and Sunday.

Sky News Weather meteorologist Tristan Meyer says that the rainfall could be comparable to that of Cyclone Debbie and potential result in flash flooding and river flooding.


No Identified Cause for Half of the World’s Deaths

Reports have shown that half of the World’s deaths have no recorded cause.

The World Health Organisation says this is impacting effective health monitoring and subsequent policy making across the globe.

The World Health Organisation’s Assistant Director-General Marie-Paule Kieny says while health data collection has improved in recent years, the lack of accurate data limits country's ability to know what is making people sick and therefore how to combat the causes.


Solar Power Changing Lives for Refugees

The Jordan Desert Refugee Camp has implemented Solar Power funded by the Ikea Foundation.

The UN Refugee Agency announced the $9 million solar power project on Wednesday with twenty thousand residents now using the solar energy with the aim to bring renewable power to all 35 thousand residents at a later date.

UN Refugee Agency high commissioner Kelly Clements says that the renewable energy will reduce the cost of running the camp and allow money to be reinvested in support methods for refugees.